The Best Restaurants in Lower Austria

339 restaurants ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Lower Austria. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Luxury / High End

What chef Thomas Dorfer presents here is some of the best and most creative cuisine in the country. He continues the great tradition of the house in a very personal way. Monumental wine cellar.

Südtiroler Platz 2, 3512 Mautern an der Donau, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Everyone now cooks regionally and with ingredients from wild harvesting. Josef Floh has been doing this for ages - and it's exceptionally delicious. The more minimalist he prepares rarities from the field, the more fun the expert has.

Tullner Straße 1, 3425 Langenlebarn, Austria
Luxury / High End

The Toni M. is at the top level of Relais & Châteaux. The cooking style is characterized by international influences and a love of the region. The dishes appeal to all five senses at the same time.

Kleine Zeile 15, 3483 Feuersbrunn, Austria

Sensational performance in St. Pölten. In addition to Christoph Vogler's kitchen performance, the excellent wine list is also impressive. The provincial capital has irrevocably found its gourmet hotspot. Everything just fits here!

Fuhrmannsgasse 1, 3100 St. Pölten, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Reliable address for fine cuisine, preferably in "sharing style" so as not to miss out on any of Roland Huber's ideas (caramelized butter!). Seafood such as oysters and mussels are almost always on the menu.

Hauptplatz 16, 3493 Hadersdorf am Kamp, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

In his kitchen, Erwin Windhaber shows how to skillfully "push" classic dishes into the vivid. Pâté en croûte or poppy seed buns are accompanied by around 2000 wines, far beyond the Hirtzberger cosmos.

Wösendorf 74, 3610 Weißenkirchen in the Wachau, Austria

The Markthof guarantees quality with products from its own farm - "from nose to tail" of course! The Edhofer family has succeeded perfectly in merging the farm with fine dining.

Kellergasse 1, 3041 Siegersdorf, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The ambience and appearance could not be more picturesque, while the cuisine performs an artful balancing act between tradition, modernity and the regional. Add to that biodynamic Salomon wines by the glass – what more could you want?

Ringstraße 1, 3470 Kirchberg am Wagram, Austria

Styrian Marco Gangl gained cooking experience all over the world before realising his own gastronomic dream. His style is characterised by purist cuisine with a distinctive taste.

Ortsstraße 4, 3701 Königsbrunn am Wagram, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Josef Sodoma is an innkeeper with heart and soul -- you can tell by the attentive service as well as the particularly well-made inn classics with a seasonal "spin" that come out of the kitchen.

Bahnhofstraße 48, 3430 Tulln an der Donau, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

"Jonny's" well thought out menu covers all preferences. Classic tavern dishes (including offal), fish specialties and vegetarian options - all of the highest quality, organic and regional!

Landstraße 36, 2464 Göttlesbrunn, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Hubertusstraße 2, 3141 Rassing, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

With 700 wines and 200 spirits, everyone will find the perfect accompaniment to the fine food. The menu has a high-quality structure and changes with the seasons: Game, truffles and more await.

Waldstraße 125, 2105 Oberrohrbach, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Bernhard Gruber has enriched the established gourmet address with his wit. As a scout, he seeks out top local products and showcases them brilliantly. Tip: "Neues Backhaus" menu at a fixed price.

Bahngasse 1, 2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria
Ethnic Cuisine

You could take it easy, but you don't rely on the quality of the steaks alone (here you understand cooking stages!). Seasonal delicacies from asparagus to pumpkin and truffles complete the wide range on offer.

Josefsplatz 2, 2500 Baden, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Powerful! What Jörg Hinterleithner conjures up from the cooking pots here deserves nothing but respect. From the beef soup to the sweetbreads, the porcini mushroom ravioli and the always good Thai curry.

Weinser Straße 95, 3681 Weins/Hofamt Priel, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The Donauterrassen are not just a summer attraction - the wood-fired oven in the restaurant burns all year round. Roland Lukesch relies on the highest quality ingredients and proves this every week at the show cooking.

Hauptstraße 17, 2402 Haslau, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

THE address in Langenlois for fine cuisine and, of course, a fine selection of drinks. Here the dishes are matched to the wines, not the other way around. A look at the wine book is therefore also a must.

Walterstraße 14, 3550 Langenlois, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Consistency is the trump card. The elegance of the Hechtnockerln alone, which matches that of their own wines, is a reason to come here. Wonderful garden; the epitome of the Wachau until the apricot dessert.

Josef-Jamek-Straße 45, 3610 Joching, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

At Kaiser von Österreich, Silvia and Hermann Haidinger impressively demonstrate how a mixture of tavern fare and Mediterranean cuisine (octopus and carpaccio meet venison) can be harmoniously combined.

Körnermarkt 9, 3500 Krems at the Donau, Austria