"Cold dishes" Bars in Stuttgart

14 bars ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale offering "Cold dishes" in Stuttgart. All information including address and phone number.
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American Bar

The roosters are still crowing about it; this bar that gives guests an all-round feeling of well-being is really doing everything right. The bar staff are discreetly attentive, the furnishings are to fall in love with and the drinks are finely crafted experiences.

Hauptstätter Straße 59, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
American Bar

The bar, named after the founder of the lifestyle department store Breuninger, is an eye-catcher both inside and out thanks to its large window front on the promenade. Due to its proximity to the shopping spot, the Spritz selection is large, otherwise there are many classics, interesting shots and also some good wines.

Sporerstraße 16, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Lounge Bar

Anyone who has never had a "Star of Bombay" through a straw should definitely do so. Nice and lemony and refreshing, but with enough tart elements to make you remember how absurd the whole human thing can sometimes be. But as we all know, good drinks can help you get over that.

Kleiner Schlossplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

SI Centrum, Plieningerstraße 100, 70567 Stuttgart, Germany

Geißstraße 13, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Lounge Bar

Eberhardstraße 47, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Restaurant Bar

Geißstraße 7, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
American Bar

Eberhardstraße 22, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Lounge Bar

Leonhardsplatz 28, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany
Lounge Bar

Kronenstraße 22, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Hotel Bar

Heilbronner Straße 21, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany

Neue Weinsteige 8, 70180 Stuttgart, Germany
American Bar

Brählesgasse 14, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany
Restaurant Bar

Immenhoferstraße 14, 70180 Stuttgart, Germany