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Pädaste Manor serves Nordic island cuisine. Just like the Nordic weather, the dishes are subject to frequent changes and the menu is completely new for each season. However, you will not be served the traditional simple, rustic dishes of the past, but dishes inspired by them, using the same ingredients. In all other respects, Pädaste's cuisine is a unique form of contemporary culinary art.

Pädaste, 94716 Pädaste, Estonia

In recent years, the Baltic Sea has been unpredictable and it's hard to be sure of a good catch, but something is always caught. Toomas Leedu, the chef at Kuursaal Restaurant, gets the first pick of that 'something'. That is why the restaurant's main menu is always accompanied by a separate daily fresh fish menu. On the worst days, the menu consists of two lines, but there is always something eye-catching.

Lossipark 1, 93815 Kuressare, Estonia

The dining area is furnished with upcycled furniture. The owner, Ülle Kiirend, might as well live here. She is always around, adding a personal touch and looking after diners; and when she is not, she is probably on a journey to discover new drinks to offer. The food at Prelude has never disappointed. It is the simple everyday food of the islanders. Must try: freshly shucked oysters.

Lossi 4, 93819 Saaremaa vald, Estonia

The restaurant has changed hands many times, as have the cooking methods. But the Bottengarn Restaurant, with its dining tables in a modern, renovated, spacious building, decorated with fishing memorabilia and with an incredible view of the harbour and the sea, is the same Bottengarn from year to year. It is worth coming here in any season to see and taste the ever changing dishes.

Koguva külatee, 94724 Koguva, Estonia

Tallinna 15, 93811 Saaremaa vald, Estonia

Lossi 15, 93816 Saaremaa vald, Estonia

Lossi 11, 93819 Saaremaa vald, Estonia

Jõgela-Pussa, 93312 Saaremaa vald, Estonia

Tori 4, 93810 Saaremaa vald, Estonia

Pärna 19, 93814 Kuressare, Estonia

Sõrve maantee 53, 93872 Nasva, Estonia

Viirelaid, 10122 Kuivastu, Estonia