"Outdoor Dining Area" Wine Bars in Munich

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22 wine bars ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Munich offering "Outdoor Dining Area" in Munich. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Wine Bar with Restaurant

The wine bar at the Cortiina Hotel announces a range of gluggable, rare and surprising wines by the glass, and this promise is absolutely kept. The wine list is refreshing in every respect. In the supporting roles: gastronomic highlights such as salmon trout, tartare or tarte flambée.

Ledererstraße 8, 80331 Munich, Germany
Classic Wine Bar

"Praise is like Champagne. Both must be served as long as it sparkles," said Ilse Kubaschewski, who gave her name to the sparkling wine bar. Between velvet, gold and separées, you can choose your favourites from the diverse sparkling menu and the matching sweet or spicy Schmarrn.

Karlsplatz 5, 80335 Munich, Germany
Wine Bar with Restaurant

The provenance of the name? 905 Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for the pizza dough with 72-hour dough fermentation. The exceptionally topped Neapolitan pizzas are accompanied by hundreds of wines from all over Europe in a minimalist, modern setting.

Herzogstraße 29, 80803 Munich, Germany
Wine Bar with Restaurant

The Blaue Libelle started out as a wine bar and has developed into a food temple. In the modern ethnic interior, you can explore a wide-ranging wine list with a focus on young, wild natural wines. If you manage to get a seat spontaneously, you're in luck - even during the week.

Hans-Sachs Straße 3, 80469 Munich, Germany
Wine Bistro

Only regional wines from vintages up to 1988 are served in the atmospheric wine lounge in the Residenz. The menu for the big and small appetite with produce from regional farmers and butchers goes well with this.

Residenzstraße 1, 80333 Munich, Germany
Wine Bar with Restaurant

In spring 2023, Sascha Zimmer and Petra Grunder returned to the Glockenbach district after subletting their restaurant. The second attempt is a success: the cuisine is excellent and the range of Tuscan red wines is impressive.

Ickstattstraße 21, 80469 Munich, Germany
Classic Wine Bar

Avin celebrates togetherness with seasonally changing tapas to share. The young restaurateurs Alexander Glocker and Lukas Stepper are happy to serve the food themselves - alongside well-curated wine rarities from the ten-page menu, including the house wine: a light Pfalz Riesling.

Am Glockenbach 8, 80469 Munich, Germany
Classic Wine Bar

This wine and pleasure oasis on Maximilianstrasse is a stylish invitation to experience 52 of the finest wines from the world-famous Amarone producer from Valpolicella outside of Italy. An Italian brunch with wine accompaniment is offered every Saturday.

Maximilianstraße 40, 80539 Munich, Germany
Wine Bar with Restaurant

Seasonal cuisine is the motto of the Küchen-Macher, who consistently follow through with their quality concept. Eating here is a pleasure and the flavours are experienced in memorable dimensions. When it comes to wine they are also on top here and offer a selection that will amaze even connoisseurs.

Neureuther Straße 15, 80799 Munich, Germany
Classic Wine Bar

In the Champagne boutique and day bar with its retro charm, you can sample different varieties glass by glass. Founder Nicola Neumann offers tastings and subscriptions. Her range is sorted according to character: from strong and grippy to fine and elegant.

Alter Messeplatz 6, 80339 Munich, Germany
Wine Bistro

Instead of 0.1 or 0.2-litre glasses, the wines are poured into 0.15-litre glasses - the ideal tasting quantity according to hosts Andreas Glaubitz and Helmut Stör. The menu includes 20 monthly-changing wines from innovative young winemakers from Germany and Austria.

Bauerstraße 2, 80796 Munich, Germany
Wine Bar with Wine Shop/Off-License

Thomas Hertlein is known as "the living wine list" and focuses on vintage wines. His cellar is home to thousands of bottles dating back to 1956. You can eat whatever the market has to offer. Signature dish: the beef tartare.

Kazmairstraße 28, 80339 Munich, Germany
Wine Bistro

The concept: two wine bars, a wine garden, a large event hall and plenty of hospitality. Around 100 wines from Franconian winegrowers are on the menu - also available to take away. Honest and hearty cuisine is served with crisp Secco or aromatic Silvaner.

Alter Hof 3, 80331 Munich, Germany

Viktualienmarkt, Laden Nr. 9, Abt VI, 80331 Munich, Germany
Classic Wine Bar

Alter Hof 3, 80331 Munich, Germany

Adalbertstraße 28, 80799 Munich, Germany

Oskar-von-Miller Ring 36, 80333 Munich, Germany

Landwehrstraße 75, 80336 Munich, Germany

Buttermelcherstraße 2A, 80469 Munich, Germany

Lindwurmstraße 38, 80337 Munich, Germany