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45 restaurants in Tallinn featured in »Falstaff Restaurantguide Nordic 2024« and ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Renowned Berlin chef Matthias Diether has moved to Tallinn, bringing with him a healthy dose of big-city glamour. Enchanted by the interior, the attentive service and the first promising tastes, diners are discovering that classic fine dining, often considered a little passé, is alive and well here. Matthias Diether runs his kitchen in the spirit of proper German organisation, while the dining room embodies effortless French elegance. The combination creates a refined dining experience unlike any other restaurant in Tallinn.

Staapli 4, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

If you are here for the first time and something seems familiar, there is no reason to be surprised. Today's leading chefs of several dozen restaurants cooked their first great dishes over the same hearth, following the guidance of mentor chef Tõnis Siigur. Dishes that are considered classics here live on in other restaurants in a slightly different style. At NCH, however, they taste completely anew with each successive menu that Tõnis creates in collaboration with his mentees. NCH is at the forefront of Estonian gastronomy.

Ranna tee 3, 12112 Tallinn, Estonia

The Fotografiska restaurant has been serving sustainably prepared, zero-waste food since it opened. Food produced without waste tends to be more flavourful. There are more textures on the plate and the dishes look more colourful and elegant. Today, using ingredients from leaf to root and from nose to tail is a novelty and people come to Fotografiska out of curiosity. In the future, it should be the norm. Fotografiska's kitchen is leading the way and sharing its knowledge.

Telliskivi, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Lee is one of the oldest words in the Estonian language and means a communal fireplace. Today's Lee restaurant has a Japanese chef at the hearth. The result is a distinctive cuisine, a bold combination of local flavours and Japanese influences. Lee's dishes are meant to be shared and discussed in order to understand and appreciate the unique flavours.

Uus 31, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

The glamorous lifestyle is rather unfamiliar to Estonia. Those who can't live without glamour look for it elsewhere, for example in Monaco. But there is one place in Tallinn that bears a strong comparison with Monaco. This restaurant is Puri in Kakumäe Marina Haven. Start with champagne and caviar, move on to sole or halibut and finish with a dessert called Malibu Club. Tallinn is just big enough for a well-run, classy restaurant to thrive, especially as the glamour is authentic and not a carbon copy from somewhere else.

Nooda tee 8, 13516 Tallinn, Estonia

Anno is located in an unassuming part of Tallinn, in a cosy, quaint stone house. The menu is made up of creative dishes based on the mood and the freshest ingredients available. The modest but attractive wine corner has a better selection than most wine cellars. The owner has a great respect for quality wines and is happy to suggest pairings with all the delicious delicacies coming out of the kitchen.

Poldri 3, 10154 Tallinn, Estonia

If you want to know what produce is in season right now, skip the market. Rado will do all the hard work for you every morning, all you have to do is show up and enjoy. Often the dishes contain just one main ingredient. Yet, these simple dishes are always prepared with expertise and appreciation of the ingredients.

Vene 7, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Unexpected flavours in unexpected surroundings. That's what you'll find at Restaurant 38. The walls are decorated with murals that attempt to draw your attention away from the food. But what comes out of chef Joonas Koppel's kitchen is just as eye-catching and delicious.

Olevimägi 9, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

The restaurant combines French hedonism with Nordic minimalism and marks the beginning of a new chapter in Estonian gastronomy. With its unique cuisine, it is radically different from the rest, especially at a challenging time when most restaurants seem to be looking for a middle ground.

Nunne 14, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia
Contemporary Cuisine

NOA Restaurant is the little brother of the famous NOA Chef's Hall and is located next door in the same building. The casual dining here is not far from the fine dining experience offered by NOA Chef's Hall. The view of Tallinn Bay and the Tallinn skyline is just a little more impressive. The cuisine reflects the latest trends.

Ranna tee 3, 12112 Tallinn, Estonia

Over the years the restaurant has changed names, owners and staff, but it has always been the best Italian trattoria in the city. The only thing that has remained the same is the interior and the food, which is still prepared with true Italian passion. Today, Orm Oja's name and skills are a guarantee of quality. He is probably the most famous chef in Estonia.

Vene 4, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Minimally processed and boldly combined. This is perhaps the best way to sum up the essence of Barbarea's cuisine. This style is familiar to those who frequent the various restaurants in Copenhagen. Fermentation is one of the favourite activities of the kitchen team at Barbarea, and there are very few restaurants that use as many local organic ingredients as they do.

Marati 5, 11712 Tallinn, Estonia

Horisont is worthy of its lofty location on the 30th floor of the Swissotel. Since it opened, it has set such high standards in terms of food, drink and service that few restaurants on the ground floor can come close to matching them. The bar always offers cocktails with very exquisite flavours and the restaurant offers fine dining at the highest level. Horisont's standards are consistently high. A solid choice for entertaining.

Tornimäe 3, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

Rudolf is an elegant restaurant. The interior has strong Nordic influences, but the ambience is truly French. A glass of champagne is always the perfect drink, and the hearty onion soup is one of the most requested dishes. There are several French restaurants in Tallinn, but they can't quite compete with Rudolf's elegant service. Rudolf is like a French Academy of Etiquette in Tallinn.

R. Tobiase 11, 10147 Tallinn, Estonia
Luxury / High End

Art Priori is an elegantly decorated restaurant. A selection of caviar, oysters and champagne will whet your appetite, followed by Dmitry Fiodorov's signature dishes. Very personal and experimental, Dmitry Fiodorov's culinary style is often surprising. These dishes are paired with perfectly matched drinks.

Olevimägi 7, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
Luxury / High End

Cru is chef Mark Keerd's culinary oasis. After working in several renowned restaurants, he now has his own restaurant. Mark offers personalised modern cuisine with a Slavic twist in every dish. In summer, the best tables in the restaurant are in the sun-drenched historic courtyard.

Viru 8, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

Located in a small wooden building next to the large Kadriorg Park, the restaurant is designed to represent the Mediterranean spirit of Estonian life. The competent and always young and cheerful service will advise each guest on the most suitable dish and drink. However, the tasting menu is the restaurant's best experience.

Jaan Poska 19a, 10126 Tallinn, Estonia

To a first-time visitor, Peet Ruut looks more like a private club than a restaurant. This impression is not entirely wrong. Ecologically pure food is the restaurant's passion, and its guests are usually the ones who appreciate it. The drinks are selected according to the same principles.

Rataskaevu 8, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

In Estonia, Moon is synonymous with simply good food and drink. The interior has remained virtually unchanged over the years. Even the dishes from the restaurant's early years are still on the menu, with occasional minor updates. New diners discover it and those who know it return. Classics never go out of fashion.

Võrgu 3, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

There are only a handful of cellar restaurants left in Tallinn. The Stenhus Restaurant at Hotel Schlössle is in a class of its own. In a cosy atmosphere that is not typical of a cellar restaurant, it serves dishes that are carefully prepared with the highest quality of raw ingredients, together with an exemplary selection of drinks.

Pühavaimu 13, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia