The Best Restaurants in Grado

28 restaurants ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Grado. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Gradesian and regional cuisine are the focus of this restaurant at Hotel Villa Marin, located in the Gulf of Trieste. Atmospheric sunsets and attentive service complete the experience. Regional wine selection in harmony with the menu.

Via dei Provveditori 20, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The Sky Restaurant at Laguna Palace Hotel has a breathtaking panorama. It is also open to external guests. The cuisine with ingredients from small producers and the lagoon fishermen oscillates between land and sea. There are also vegetarian dishes.

Riva Brioni 17, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The most authentic flavours of traditional Grades cuisine are created with fresh, unadulterated ingredients in this downtown restaurant where fish takes center stage. Friendly, attentive service and a wine list that highlights and upholds the region.

Campiello Porta Grande 2, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Romantic and refined ambience, splendid terrace overlooking the lagoon of Grado. The restaurant is built entirely with environmentally friendly materials. The cuisine focuses on fish and the gastronomic culture of the region. The wine selection is matched to the gastronomic offer.

Riva Giuseppe Garibaldi 17, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Located in the historic center of Grado, this classically furnished restaurant serves traditional local cuisine, especially fish dishes. Service is friendly and happy to make menu recommendations. The small wine list focuses on the region.

Piazza Duca D'Aosta 37, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A veranda overlooking the sea, charming and very impressive. Delicious seafood cuisine with dishes that showcase well the gastronomic traditions of the island. Attentive and courteous service. The wine list features mainly wines from Friuli.

Riva Giovanni da Verrazzano 1, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Near the cathedral, this cosy restaurant with its warm and welcoming ambience offers cuisine with fresh fish dishes. The creations are accompanied by an extensive wine list with regional and other wines. Bread, pasta, desserts and ice cream are homemade.

Calle Porta Piccola 6, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

In this family-run restaurant the Friulian culture and gastronomic traditions are preserved. Raw ingredients, seasonality and a sincere cuisine based mainly on fish are the strengths of this restaurant. The wines on the menu are of own production.

Via Dossi 7, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A historic, elegant and polished restaurant in the center of Grado. Chef Pino Verginella and his sons offer a cuisine based on fish dishes, regional and international with refined flavours. Territorial wine list and experienced service.

Calle Corbatto 11, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A restaurant with a view of the sea and access to the water. Most dishes are prepared from seafood and highlight the flavours of the lagoon. Meat specialities are also on offer. The fish soup (Boreto) should be tried. Friendly and attentive service.

Via dei Provveditori 6, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Appetizers and meat dishes are more conventional, but antipasti and fish main courses in the simple restaurant are truly pleasing. Lagoon catch at its best: scallops au gratin, seafood salad, then grilled fish and shellfish.

Via Conte di Grado 1, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A family-run restaurant and trattoria that have the same owners and a common focus on fish. Raw ingredients of quality and refinement. Tradition and classicism that satisfy the palate. A wine selection that could be improved. .

Isola di Anfora, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A refined restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of the old town. Serves typical local dishes, especially fish dishes, and specialties from the Grado area. The mixed antipasti are recommended. Carefully composed list with local wines.

Via Marina 36, 34073 Grado, Italy
Contemporary Cuisine

Located on the wide shore of the Grado canal and run by a fishing cooperative, this simple and cosy restaurant offers tasty fish dishes based on fresh fish. Cooking with both traditional recipes and creative ideas.

Riva Dandolo 22, 34073 Grado, Italy
Ethnic Cuisine

Sausages and ham, and especially the simple and hearty home cooking with lots of in-house inspiration. A nice family business with a large garden and wine bar serves no-frills dishes like venison carpaccio or the minestrone soup.

Via Gradenigo 27, 34073 Grado, Italy

Seafood cuisine with a Mediterranean twist, reflecting the gastronomic culture of Grado. Simply presented dishes, but where the fresh, seasonal ingredients stand out. Friendly service and a wine list that matches the restaurant.

Via Monfalcone 27, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A restaurant in a simple but neat style, serving rich and tasty fish dishes. Also pizza lovers will get their money's worth. The Boreto alla gradese with polenta is recommended. Attentive service. The wine list could be improved.

Piazza Duca d'Aosta 20, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A restaurant and pizzeria in the center of Grado. The menu includes excellent fish and meat specialties, as well as pizzas and dishes for all tastes. The terrace with gazebo is pleasant and perfect for summer.

Via Venezia 8, 34073 Grado, Italy

Tasty dishes and generous portions. The menu is not very extensive, but the dishes are fancy. Simple, straightforward ambience, like the service. You should try the Boreto alla Graesana. Some local wines.

34073 Santuario di Barbana, 34073 Grado, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

If possible, the friendly restaurant procures the ingredients for its dishes in the surrounding area. Specialties are the homemade pasta, bread and desserts. The main courses are dominated by fish dishes. Good wine selection.

Campo Porta Nuova 10, 34073 Grado, Italy