The Best Restaurants with 2 Falstaff Fork(s) in Greece

21 restaurants with 2 Falstaff fork(s) in Greece that are ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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A beautiful all-day restaurant, famous in the northern suburbs of Athens for its stylish mix 'n match decor and one of the most romantic gardens in the city. The elegant orangery completes the colourful setting, ideal to visit at sunset.

Ζηρίνη 2, 145 62 Athen, Greece

An old Kifissia mansion from the end of the 19th century houses a restaurant inspired by the simplicity and flavours of the Italian cuisine. Fresh, hearty pasta, risotto, rustic Neapolitan pizza, good wine and aperitifs are on the menu.

Λεωφόρος Κηφισίας 317, 145 61 Athen, Greece

Cosmopolitan atmosphere and impressive space, with an imposing bar and a variety of tropical plants. Nikkei cuisine with mostly Japanese elements based on excellent Greek ingredients. Wonderful cocktail list by bar connoisseur Mary Talaiporou.

Ξανθίππου 10, 106 75 Athen, Greece

In the heart of the Rendi food market - an unexpected location - this place is an authentic gem. Wide range of wines, cheeses, pasta, charcuterie, tsipouro (un-aged brandy) and beers from small Greek producers to accompany or enjoy in basically meze style delicious dishes.

Θ. Ρέντη, 117 42 Athen, Greece

The connoisseur of Italian flavours, Nikos Dimitrokalis, channels his culinary experience into finely crafted dishes, served in a cool courtyard that is home to his refreshing ideas. The pizzas are also a favourite, with an excellent crispy four-flour dough.

Αγίου Δημητρίου 17, 145 62 Athen, Greece

A gastro-tavern with a cosy courtyard, relaxed atmosphere and funky vintage decor details. The menu combines the owners' Greek heritage with their passion for Spanish and Latin American cuisine in a delicious open-fire alliance.

Βίτωνος 5, 118 54 Athen, Greece

This traditional wine and grocery store in Piraeus has been welcoming Athenians and tourists from all over the world since the 1920s. Delicious treats from the eye-catching refrigerator are served alongside fried liver, eggs and potatoes, meatballs and plenty of retsina.

Ψαρών 38, 185 46 Piräus, Greece

This Greek taverna, opened in 1930 in a listed building dating from 1918, serves comforting stews and dishes that touch the soul, such as rabbit and rooster stifado, cabbage dolmades, lamb and oven-baked potatoes. Unspoilt, the epitome of classic.

Τρώων 32, 118 51 Athen, Greece

One of the oldest Greek tavernas - almost 100 years old - with a lovely garden, tables by the wine barrels and hearty food. Dive in and try the giant beans dipped in homemade bread, the seasonal crispy pies, the tender lamb or pork knuckle casserole.

Θεάτρου 2, 105 52 Athen, Greece

A recently opened »oenomageirion« (tavern with stews and wine), for those nostalgic for a bygone era and longing for home-cooked food. The menu changes according to the season, but when you come ask for the delicious cabbage dolmades and you may be in luck.

Αδριανείου 36, 115 25 Athen, Greece

Typical mpakalotaverna (tavern and grocery store) owned by the Skylodimos family since the 1950s. Groceries, an old-fashioned fridge with delicacies and a special place to enjoy heart-warming keftedes, and horiatiki made with the best feta.

Δεληγιώργη 16, 185 33 Piräus, Greece

One of the most classic spots, located in the heart of the central market of Varvakios, Ipiros is a traditional culinary gem, a magerio as the locals call the tavernas, where you can enjoy Greek cuisine in its most authentic version. Perfect for night owls.

Φιλοποίμενος 4, 105 51 Athen, Greece

Unexpected setting in the heart of the central Varvakios Central Municipal Market, where nigiri, sashimi and rolls made with the fresh gems of the fish market arrive on the tables, along with exceptional seafood dishes (pasta, saganaki, etc.) made with the daily catch.

Αριστογείτονος 1, 105 51 Athen, Greece

Retro décor with vintage paintings, simple, delicious, well-prepared cuisine and beautiful sea views have made this taverna a timeless spot in Piraeus since it first opened in 1996. Seafood is the main focus here. Very friendly and attentive service.

Ακτή Κουμουνδούρου 46, 185 33 Athen, Greece

Opened in 1954, this historic tavern has a working jukebox (probably the only one in the city) in one corner and antiques and memorabilia all over the walls. Cabbage dolmades, snail stew and perfectly grilled, juicy lamb ribs are among the highlights of the menu.

Ανακρέοντος 22, 161 22 Kesariani, Greece

A very unique fish tavern, renowned for the quality of its ingredients and the creativity of its menu. Maritime specialities are served with a deep knowledge of these seafood delicacies in contemporary and tasty versions.

Αγίου Παύλου 33, 121 32 Peristeri, Greece

Impressive variety of fresh shellfish, crustaceans and seafood, from mussels, scallops and oysters to rare treasures of the seabed. Craft and excellence come together with Greek wines, beers, fine ouzo and tsipouro.

Αδριανείου 37, 115 25 Athen, Greece

Tucked away in an off-radar neighbourhood of Neos Kosmos, this hidden gem with its simple industrial décor is a small ode to Greek produce. Owners and chefs Fotis Fotinoglou and Thodoris Kasavetis change the menu daily, mixing rusticity with sophistication.

Μπέκα 1, 117 45 Athen, Greece

All-day restaurant in a restored 1850s neoclassical building with a lush green courtyard and elegant interior. Open in the morning for coffee and brunch, later serving a menu that tastefully blends Greek and international recipes.

Αγίας Ειρήνης 17, 105 51 Athen, Greece

An underground koutouki (small tavern) near Athens' central market that has been around for over 150 years. Few tables, but worth waiting for when it is full to try their beef stew, fava bean puree, chickpea soup or potato stew.

Θεάτρου, 105 52 Athen, Greece