Bar Eriksson

Hotel Bar
Falstaff Barguide 2023 - Cocktailbars

Not only in name, but also truly a bar for explorers. It is helpful if the visitor's heart beats for fish, aquavit and Viking vibes, though not necessary; after all, the boating people are known for their progressive thinking; the guest tastes this with every sip and bite.

43 /50 Drinks
19 /20 Style
18 /20 Service
9 /10 Range
Cold dishes
Warm Dishes
Payment Conditions: Debit Card, Credit Card
Sunday Opening
A glass of white wine in a man's hand. Greek Mediterranean wine against the backdrop of an antique amphitheater in Greece.
Wine Inspiration
Retsina: a classic reborn
Retsina enjoys a bad reputation but definitely deserves a second chance.
By Wojciech Bońkowski