"Parking Space" Wineries in Burgenland

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67 wineries and wine taverns offering "Parking Space" in Burgenland that are ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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The enthusiasm of the sisters, who are the second generation to fill the "Schankl" with life, can be felt in many details: vine wood decoration, delicacies on the slate plate and of course the abundance of white wines (70 percent of the vineyard area) serve only one goal: a good time.

Schulgasse 11, 2443 Leithaprodersdorf, Austria

Small menu, big indulgence! This is the motto of Manuela and Gerhard Wallner, who not only serve the popular Salzstangerl. Top wines - from "namenlos" to "Kentaur" and "Ried Weinberg" - can also be sampled at the bar.

Oberer Weinweg 41, 7474 Deutsch Schützen, Austria

Curated Seewinkler enjoyment - that's what the name "Dankbarkeit" has always stood for. And Christine and Andreas Glück casually continue this concept in the inner courtyard. Sour vegetables, steppe beef and Mangalitza meet the house's renowned wines (Pinot Gris!).

Pater-Adalbert-Winkler-Gasse 30, 7141 Podersdorf am See, Austria

When the Kopfensteiners are out (the winegrowers make themselves scarce), you should go for it. The white wines from the famous red wine house in particular are the perfect accompaniment to cold delicacies - such as the salty "Saybritz" with cold cuts.

Untere Hauptstraße 31, 7474 Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg, Austria

Günter Mittermayr's cuisine is unorthodox and yet completely dedicated to the region and its delicacies. Venison is served here as a red curry, outstanding "cold cuts" and delicacies in a glass increase the delight in these unusual gastronomic delights.

Kellergasse 18, 7093 Jois, Austria

Not a Heuriger for pensioners, but rather a beach bar with traditional dishes - that's how Fabian Sloboda's bar could be described. Even the menu is kept casual: The "Kostquartett" gives you an insight into the house wines such as the "Wellentänzer".

Alte Satz 1, 7141 Podersdorf am See, Austria

The terrace seats are in great demand, as there is something for everyone here. Despite a wide selection of wines, Golser Bier also has a heart for "under-hopped" cyclists. The kitchen pulls out all the stops with cabbage strudel and Surschweineschopf. Cool stuff!

Sandhöhe 9, 7123 Mönchhof, Austria

"Hey! Sweety" is the name of one of the four Piribauer brothers' rosés, and it could also be the motto of the long-established Schenkhaus. Daytime delicacies strengthen the local clientele, while wine lovers will be happy with white and red wines from the Hohen Gieser vineyard, among others.

Hauptstraße 71, 7201 Neudörfl, Austria

Just turn off the main road and you'll find yourself swinging to the quieter beat of the Csaterberg. This is where most of the Buschenschank's wines come from, the "Weinbar in den Rieden" is located here. At both places, authentic Welschriesling and other wines are served with relish.

Harmisch 12, 7512 Kohfidisch, Austria

The wine carousel spins at "Giovanni" Pillinger, as he calls the tasting flight with six of his wines. Cold burgers and "Devil's Bread" complete the list of local delicacies: Mangalitza delicacies and Grammelpogatscherl and generally great ideas in "Minihof"!

Neustiftgasse 78, 7123 Mönchhof, Austria

You are enthroned above the vines on the Gaas vineyard as though in a cockpit. But on the plate and in the glass, Denise and Andreas Grosz like things down to earth - caraway roast, pumpkin seed lard and co. The motto for the visit is already written on the label of the red cuvée: "GRandiOSZ"!

Gaas-Weinberg 135, 7521 Eberau, Austria

There is no shortage of ideas in the kitchen at the birthplace of the "Landmatura". Leberkäse (meatloaf) with Uhudler wine is just one of the delicacies you can enjoy under the mighty lime tree or in the real-wood stalls. And the best on offer is also available to take away.

Neustift an der Lafnitz 34, 7423 Neustift an der Lafnitz, Austria

Nobody goes home hungry at Gabi and Thomas Schandl. The portions in the "Schankl", which will soon have been in operation for 30 years, are legendarily large. And it's not just the goose lard schnitzel with cuvée from Domaine Pöttelsdorfer that fills you up. A classic!

Bachzeile 1, 7023 Pöttelsdorf, Austria

The labels of the Rittsteuer wines have a shiny new look in 2024, but the tried and tested dishes in the large bar have remained the same. What could you change about "Rittschi's Burger" or the Caprese in the house version? After all, that's how the guests love it!

Eisenstädter Straße 6, 7093 Jois, Austria

Now in its 31st year, the mix of regional gourmet delicacies (National Park sausages, cheese from Rittsteuer) and home-made food continues to impress. Herbal fan Ulli Preschitz stands for this in her recipes, which make the Heurigen visit so varied. More of it please!

Kalvarienbergstraße 29, 7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria

The vineyards are small but perfectly formed and are now in their fourth generation. With a view of Hungary, the Zeinerberg is a traditional and cosy place. Uhudler wine is a must, accompanied by pasta salad, caraway roast and a selection of homemade breads.

Heiligenbrunn 28, 7522 Heiligenbrunn, Austria

Daniel Pachinger wants to preserve "a piece of village culture" with the new start - cold Heurigen dishes are therefore an integral part of the menu in the now Dorfwirt. The wine selection also remains exciting, for example when rare Goldmuskateller is poured.

Brunnengasse 45, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria

No one leaves the spacious Heurigen with the overriding theme of equestrianism hungry. Bean strudel or caraway roast await alongside "Kutscherplatte" and "Fiaker-Toast" to accompany the Hauer wines. The house classic par excellence, however, is the stilton - order in advance!

Weinberggasse 3, 7052 Müllendorf, Austria

Heinz Döller's restaurant is a classic in the Heurigen village and has its own traditions. The "Döller-Taler" is one of them for regular guests. There are also delicious treats for the wheat-intolerant. And then there is the well-stocked cellar ...

Hauptstraße 129, 7201 Neudörfl, Austria

Brettljause and stork watching, courtyard and vaults - not only tourists love the authentic flair that has been spreading Burgenland hospitality for over a quarter of a century. Welschriesling or the "Bullen-starke" schnapps are also available.

Untere Hauptstraße 67, 7093 Jois, Austria