"Vegetarian Options" Restaurants in Burgenland

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12 restaurants offering "Vegetarian Options" in Burgenland that are ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Contemporary Cuisine

When catfish liver is delivered by fishing legend Emmerich Varga, you should go for it. Oliver Wiegand knows his way around such gourmet dishes, but also serves roast beef or farmer's chicken for two.

Seepark, 7121 Weiden am See, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The "Kohlenfisch" can already be considered a classic at this fine dining spot on the lake. However, the beef tartare is also a work of art under the masterful hands of Kevin Szalai's team.

Storchengasse 1, 7152 Pamhagen, Austria

Elaborate and product-focused cuisine - Adi Karner is at his best when it comes to fish and seafood. The patron doesn't like mainstream wines, but Istrian and local winemakers much more.

Hauptplatz 15, 7423 Pinkafeld, Austria
Contemporary Cuisine

The resort focuses on health, and gluten-free and low-carb dishes are available. The kitchen line, which oscillates between Pannonian delicacies and Asian accents (bowls), can do both.

Panoramaweg 1, 7551 Stegersbach, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

When Philipp Szemes is not open, he is producing. Glutamate is banned, but he works his magic on the smoker like no other (pulled goose). He is also a vegan pioneer, whisk(e)y connoisseur and game magician.

Hauptstraße 33, 7423 Pinkafeld, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The fact that you can book a detox week at the Thermenhotel does not mean that you have to go on a diet. Mediterranean accents, an open grill and plenty of variety are the strengths. Plus: the hotel's own vinotheque.

Panoramaweg 2, 7551 Stegersbach, Austria

Jesus and Silvia Picallo Gil bring the Spanish way of life to Burgenland. From albondigas to zarzuela, they spell out the Iberian ABC of enjoyment - including the pairing wine. Popular: the tapas evenings.

Bahnstraße 7a, 7210 Mattersburg, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The inner courtyards of the state capital have it all. You soon realise this when you take a seat here: a small lunch menu, many dishes prepared with fresh vegetables and served with "no-mainstream" wines.

Hauptstraße 30, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria

The plane tree is visible from afar, but there is also something going on under the natural monument: modern cuisine (sweet potato curry, Leitha bowl) with local ingredients, served by a motivated young team. Good vibrations!

Lagerstraße 2, 2460 Bruckneudorf, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The rule in the family business is simple: it has to taste good! This can be an old Viennese fried meat, but also a vegetarian falafel plate. The dessert selection at the Landgut is particularly good.

Untere Hauptstraße 2, 2423 Deutsch Jahrndorf, Austria
Ethnic Cuisine

The world as a guest in the Wine City: Sukhvinder Akku's guests enjoy burgers, spaghetti and, of course, one or two spicy Asian delicacies. Relaxed atmosphere!

Hauptplatz 4, 7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria

Untere Hauptstraße 15, 7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria