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Summer 2024: these are the ice cream trends in Europe

The "Sigep Observatory" provides an insight into the latest data and trends in the European gelato industry as part of the 46th International Trade Fair for Artisan Confectionery.

Summer is approaching, most ice cream stores are already open and the "Sigep Observatory"  has published a study that is surprising in some areas:

European gelato consumption on the rise

In Europe, gelato consumption is rising steadily, with an increase of between 3 and 5 percent in Spain and even up to 12 percent in the art cities of Italy. New, creative flavors are gaining in popularity: in Germany, for example, gelato with white chocolate and asparagus is on offer, while in Italy creations such as carrot, mandarin and lemon are redefining the pleasure of ice cream.

Forecasts for summer 2024

Marco Carniello, Chief Business Officer at IEG, reports that a total of 2.2 billion Gelatos were sold in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK alone in 2023. The Circana Institute forecasts a further increase in gelato consumption in 2024, as consumers see gelato as an affordable treat in uncertain economic times.

Flavia Morelli, Head of Food and Beverage Fairs at IEG, highlights that the positive trend in gelato sales in Italy, especially in art cities, shows an estimated increase in consumption of 6 to 12 percent, driven by the high number of international tourists.

Summery taste sensations

For summer 2024, gelato masters such as Giancarlo Timballo, President of the Gelato World Cup, are promising new flavors that reflect local traditions and work with regional products. Raspberry and rosemary gelato are very popular.

Eugenio Morrone, a renowned master gelato maker from Rome, has created a carrot, mandarin and lemon gelato dedicated to tennis star Jannik Sinner. But the classic tiramisu is also enjoying a renaissance and is particularly popular with foreign tourists.

Health awareness and innovation

Marco Miquel Sirvent, President of the Asociación Nacional Heladeros Artesanos de España, emphasizes the trend towards gelato with a lower sugar content, while traditional favourites such as nougat, vanilla and chocolate are still in demand.

Overall, the forecasts for gelato consumption in summer 2024 are optimistic, with an expected increase of between 3 and 5 percent. Gelato therefore remains not only a refreshing treat, but also a reflection of Europe's changing culinary landscape.


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