The Best Restaurants in Italy

3742 restaurants that are ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Italy. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Contemporary Cuisine

A modern restaurant with great taste. The dishes are masterfully designed by Massimiliano Alajmo, who offers a creative cuisine with rich, authentic and avant-garde flavours. The "cappuccino al nero" with octopus and potato foam is a must-try, as is the risotto with saffron and liquorice. Excellent wine list.

Via Liguria 1, 35030 Rubano, Italy
Luxury / High End

Probably the most international cuisine in Italy under the direction of the famous chef Heinz Beck. Balanced flavours, a focus on creativity and a Mediterranean character are key to this cuisine. The impeccable service adds to the wonderful experience.

Via Cadlolo 101, 00136 Rome, Italy
Ethnic Cuisine

Since 1974, the Enoteca Pinchiorri has been a flagship restaurant in Florence. The solid, contemporary cuisine of chef Riccardo Monco delights with intense flavours that are constantly being refined. The exceptional wine list is a dream!

Via Ghibellina 87, 50122 Florence, Italy
Luxury / High End

The exclusive hotel walls house an excellent restaurant, the view of Merano is unique. A tasting menu is offered, which Gerhard Wieser composes in a technically precise, sophisticated and visually extremely appealing way. The wine accompaniment is also of the highest standard.

Keschtngasse 18, 39019 Dorf Tirol, Italy
Luxury / High End

A special place surrounded by greenery with breathtaking views of the peaks of the Dolomites. Heinrich Schneider's aim is to capture the scents and flavours of nature in every dish in a modern and grounded way - as sustainably as possible and at the highest level. Excellent wine service.

Auen 21, 39058 Sarntal, Italy
Contemporary Cuisine Luxury / High End

Somewhat hidden in a winding alley not far from Piazza Navona. On the menu, Roman classics, reinterpreted. In addition to Amatriciana, there is also a sweet version of the popular Carbonara. Very extensive wine list.

Vicolo dei Soldati 31, 00186 Rome, Italy

Nobert Niederkofler has a new creative home: a historic villa that has been adapted to modern times with modern elements. The three-star chef will also implement his "Cook the Mountain" concept here. Culinary art at the highest level with the best ingredients from the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Walther Von Der Vogelweide Straße 17, 39031 Bruneck, Italy
Ethnic Cuisine

Antony Genovese's fusion cuisine mixes Mediterranean with Asian influences. The creative and innovative dishes are matched with an attentive service by Maitre Matteo Zappile and his extensive wine list.

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129, 00186 Rome, Italy

At Palazzo Portinari in the centre of Florence, chef Vito Mollica offers flavourful Michelin-starred cuisine with a focus on fish. The attentive service and the wine list, which bears the signature of Clizia Zuin, make for a great experience.

Via del Corso 6, 50122 Florence, Italy
Luxury / High End

Il Palagio in the Four Seasons Hotel exudes charm and elegance. Head chef Paolo Lavezzini knows how to conjure up first-class ingredients and a variety of dishes, many with a Tuscan touch. The wine list by Walter Meccia is also worth mentioning.

Borgo Pinti 99, 50121 Florenz, Italy
Contemporary Cuisine

The house has been family-run since 1773, and the exclusive setting underlines Mathias Bachmann's upscale kitchen line. His creations impress with their intensity of taste, expression and composition. Example: lime macaron with red prawns. Outstanding wine accompaniment, excellent service.

Weißlahnstraße 4, 39042 Brixen, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

An elegant restaurant with a refined and intimate interior. Deliberately prepared dishes based on recipes from the territory, as well as small and interesting innovations, created by the experienced hand of Chef Giancarlo Perbellini. The fabulous creations of the chef are to be recommended.

Piazza San Zeno 16, 37123 Verona, Italy

The two young chefs Matteo Metullio and Davide De Pra offer a creative and conscious cuisine with meat, fish and vegetable dishes perfectly prepared. A must try is the Harrysotto. Wine list with wines from the area and beyond.

Piazza dell'unità d'italia 2, 34121 Triest, Italy
Luxury / High End

Dishes with flair, regionality and creativity. Distinctive flavours and refined, excellent ingredients make for a profound gastronomic experience that bears the signature of the Portinari brothers. The service is outstanding. Wonderful wine list.

Via Alberto Giovannelli 2, 36045 Lonigo, Italy
Contemporary Cuisine

This elegant restaurant at Hotel Villa Laetitia focuses on dishes with creative Mediterranean touches and some allusions to Roman cuisine. The excellent and harmonious service adds to the refined experience.

Lungotevere delle Armi 22/23, 00195 Rome, Italy

Probably the most international cuisine in Italy under the direction of the famous chef Heinz Beck. Balanced flavours, experimentation and a Mediterranean character are key to this cuisine. The impeccable service adds to the wonderful experience.

via del Vantaggio 14, 00186 Rome, Italy

Rocco de Santis' cuisine is honest, yet imaginative and original, with exciting contrasts. The service is precise and courteous. The wine list is extensive and allows for creative pairings, as do the cocktails to match the menu.

Piazza Sant'Elisabetta 3, 50122 Florence, Italy
Luxury / High End

The enchanting hotel is home to a special gastronomic gem, where guests dine in two traditional, centuries-old farmhouse parlours. The eight-course journey is a firework display of flavours, aromas, textures and appealing presentation. The wine cellar offers an astonishing variety.

Col Alt Straße 105, 39033 Corvara, Italy
Contemporary Cuisine

The centuries-old walls of a former mill now breathe a concept of art, wine and gastronomic delights. Othmar Raich and his team are responsible for this, using organic ingredients wherever possible. Wonderful dishes, attentive service, great wine list.

Gampenstraße 1, 39010 Tscherms, Italy
Luxury / High End

The glass loggia surrounded by roses and wild vines and the gourmet box on the wooden terrace high above Merano set the stage. For his creative menu, Egon Heiss turns to down-to-earth recipes. With dedication and stylish sophistication, he turns them into healthy, purist delicacies. .

Fragsburg 3, 39012 Meran, Italy