2023 Von Est Sangaste Rye Organic Estonian Vodka

Manor Spirits

Liudmila Beliavskaia/Shutterstock

Tasting Notes

Tasting from 01.01.2024: Aivar und Harri Hanson, Roland Graf, Estonian Sommelier Association

The bouquet is clean, with a slightly 'sticky' rye, fresh pasture and grass character. The palate is sweet and stout. This gives way to spicy peppery and gingery flavours. A long-lasting top for savoury cocktails (such as the Red Snapper).

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Distillery: Manor Spirits
Category: Vodka
Vintage: 2023
Alcohol Level: 40%
Price: 20 - 50 €
Content: 0.5 litre
Symbolbild: shutterstock
Manor Spirits

46030 Lääne-Virumaa
+372 712 1519
info@manorspirits.com manorspirits.com

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