Coffee to go Cafés in Austria

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500 cafés and coffeehouses offering "Coffee to go" ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Austria. All information including address and phone number.
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The secret recipe of the breads: high quality sourdough and a lot of time. Each loaf is formed by hand. Directly from the bakery in the Waldviertel, they arrive fresh at the store and are perfectly staged behind the counter.

Naglergasse 9, 1010 Wien, Austria

Customers visit the quality bakery not only for the famous baked goods. The bistro offer is perfect for coffee or lunch break, but also for the big hunger. Handmade quality is the trademark, also for the food on site.

Führichgasse 6, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Joseph has ignited the hype for good bread! The queue is usually long, because the baked goods are coveted hot (often still warm pastries). The bread has cult status and is represented in countless gastronomic establishments. Best-selling breakfast: "Empress" and "Joseph".

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4, 1030 Vienna, Austria

This branch fits seamlessly into the list of popular Joseph bakeries. 100% organic baked goods, made exclusively from Austrian grain. The appealing counter presents the breads in the background and the sweet treats as eye-catchers.

Währinger Straße 106, 1180 Vienna, Austria

The family business with a big heart (and expertise!) for coffee has three locations in the city of Mozart. At the Rupertinum, you can enjoy authentic coffee specialties in an elegant, atmospheric setting. Also top: the breakfast, cakes, loaves and tarts.

Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

The barista at the counter is undoubtedly a coffee expert. The knowledge in processing the coffee beans (wild coffee from roaster Leonhard Wild) is impressive. The quality was previously verified in the Balthasar Lab - workshops are also offered here.

Praterstraße 38, 1020 Vienna, Austria

The "Pirates" are synonymous with first-class quality and place particular emphasis on organically grown and aromatically unique specialty coffee. Whether at the bar or in the roastery, true professionals work here with a taste for pleasure and a gastronomic spirit.

Spitalgasse 17, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Classy and stylish down to the last detail, even the coffee-to-go cup is an eye-catcher. A place that embodies quality through and through; exclusive produce, furniture and decorative elements have a line. A place for the discerning palate with an "urban appetite".

Dominikanerbastei 10, 1010 Vienna, Austria

The benchmark for the restaurant, which is often referred to in a derogatory manner as a “bakery café”, is set with the sustainable all-day gourmet spot where nothing is possible without a reservation. The low-acid “Viennese coffee” (from Old Vienna roaster Oliver Goetz) tastes wonderful with organic “Ei Benedict” and co.

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 82, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Not only for hotel guests. An exquisite breakfast at the Guest House starts the day in style. In-house pastries, specially roasted coffee and a variety of breakfast packages are available. Perhaps even an oyster as a special addition?

Führichgasse 10, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

Always popular, but since the remodel and reorientation, this place is going places! The in-house roastery's selection (from Flat White to Nitro Cold Brew) is just as sensational as the food (shakshuka, pancakes, lunch bowls, tapas, soups, or sushi).

Marktstraße 21, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

For over 100 years, the people of Friesach have flocked here to enjoy coffee and freshly baked cakes. They are particularly fond of everything that has to do with cocoa beans - whether as a creamy hot chocolate, a classic Sacher cake or their own chocolates.

Hauptplatz 3, 9360 Friesach, Austria

All-day epicurean hotspot open every day: a spectacular breakfast experience in the morning, focaccia, quiche and curry at lunchtime, the largest and most delicious selection of cakes in the country in the afternoon. Excellent (specialty) coffee is available around the clock.

Platz 66, 6881 Mellau, Austria

A true wow café! The menu offers everything from light butter sandwiches to the extravagant Lox Bagel (vegan carrot salmon). The artfully designed plates literally invite you to pull out your phone cameras and capture these moments of pleasure.

Laudongasse 15–19, 1080 Vienna, Austria

It's getting crowded on the slate! Because the specialties around the house roasts (the mega strong "10/90" for example) are many. In addition, there is the breakfast with the best regional ingredients, which is celebrated. Cakes of the day and milkshakes add to the pleasure.

Markt 140, 5360 St. Wolfgang, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

You can rarely get in for brunch here without a reservation! Locals and visitors love the atmosphere as well as the selection of coffee (e.g. Serrano Lavado from Cuba). French Press, Cold Brew, "Turkish" or the specialty "Rash Neumann" - all great!

Kleinhöfleiner Hauptstraße 8, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

One of the oldest cafés in Innsbruck is hidden behind historic walls. Cakes, tartlets, meringues, etc. from the in-house pastry shop are made without additives, such as the Katzungtorte with curd cheese and hazelnuts. When the sun is shining, the guest garden beckons.

Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 16, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Max Reinhardt are said to have enjoyed their coffee here. Today, locals and guests alike enjoy sitting in the charming traditional house on Alter Markt. Famous: strawberry bowls and croissants with walnut filling.

Alter Markt 9, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

It's a bit ironic that Christian Kaplan's seductive showcase is located in a spa. Because with his homemade ice cream (mango!) and patisseries, it's hard to say no. Meinl coffee - also available iced - accompanies the master's creations.

Kirchenstraße 8, 7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

One of the most classic and popular coffee houses in the city has been gently modernised in appearance and offer, breakfast and opulent brunch on the cake stand are still good, along with classic pastries, good snacks and even fine cuisine!

Opernring 22, 8010 Graz, Austria