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15 wineries and wine taverns ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale offering "Parking Space" in Gamlitz. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Wine and the emotions associated with it have a long tradition here, and the steep slopes are cultivated by hand. The appetisingly presented delicacies include game, fish from local waters and organic sheep's cheese. The wine tastings are top notch.

Kranachberg/Sauvignonweg 50, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

This gem with its charming location and beautiful guest rooms is a popular destination for food lovers. Tongue and pork are marinated for three weeks according to an old recipe and then gently smoked. Bacon and tub meat are a specialty.

Eckberg 100, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

Eckberg 16, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

A place where the clocks run differently. Organic is the motto of Otto Knaus, who produces vegan organic wines and juices. The snacks are also sustainable, with 50 percent of guests ordering the vegan option. The traditional version is of course also available.

Sulztal an der Weinstraße 8, 8461 Gamlitz, Austria

The cheerful boss is the heart of the business. Fine spreads, crunchy salads, crispy sandwiches and homemade roast beef are delicious. Variety is important to Heike Skoff, so there are dishes with asparagus in May and mushrooms in the fall.

Kranach/Skoffweg 96, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

Throughout the year, there are various activities in the family business - from cellar tours with wine tasting in May to harmonica music in September. Muscatel sparkling wine is served with a Brettljause snack or smoked trout, refined with herbs from their own garden.

Kranachberg 30, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

Grubtal 31, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

A wide variety of soils and microclimates in a very small area characterise the wines of this traditional winery. If you're feeling peckish, there's fried bread, horseradish eggs or smoked trout. Classics such as beetle bean salad and Brettljause are of course a must.

Eckberg 26, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

The wreathed arbor is an attraction in summer. The fruity, deep wines from the surrounding vineyards go well with classics such as ham specialties, lavishly topped Brettljause snacks or beetle bean salad with radish. The Krenterrine is a trademark.

Sulztal an der Weinstraße 47, 8461 Gamlitz, Austria

There are plenty of homemade delicacies on the lovingly prepared snack platters: lean smoked meat, homemade sausages, spreads and cheese, as well as vegetarian options. To finish, there are fine brandies (Maschansker!) or the outstanding red wine liqueur.

Weinleitengasse 85, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

The guest garden high above the vines is a popular meeting place. The kitchen serves platter snacks, smoked sausages, cheese and fluffy pastries. The wines cover the Styrian variety. The Blauer Wildbacher grape brandy is the perfect accompaniment.

Eckberg 72, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

Sulztal 10, 8461 Gamlitz, Austria

Untere Hauptstraße 21, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

Eckberg 37, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria

Labitschberg 40, 8462 Gamlitz, Austria