The Best Bars in Styria

50 bars ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Styria. All information including address and phone number.
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American Bar

For more than 30 years this hidden bar has been supplying those in the know with the finest drinks. Helmut Reberneg serves the classics (currently, for example, Blood & Sand) as well as his own creations. Even the tiki mug is not banned in the unique ambience of Ernst Fuch's house; as long as the contents are great!

Sackstraße 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
American Bar

For the tenth anniversary of this Graz cocktail flagship, there have been changes to the ownership structure. The motto of the namesake ("I am easily satisfied with the best") remains the guiding principle for drinks such as the "Negroni Siciliano", even in the new constellation. An exemplary list of cocktail classics.

Heinrichstraße 21, 8010 Graz, Austria
Restaurant Bar

With a "Pink Marie" or the "Fancy Cosmo" as house specialties, it is already clear that the bar in the hotel restaurant is a relaxed place. Classics such as the Espresso Martini are also available, but the instruction to "chill out" can also be implemented well with one of the Spritz variants ("Kardamint").

Grieskai 4–8, 8020 Graz, Austria
Restaurant Bar

Lightness and chic are the watchwords at the Aiola Group bar. Levantine cuisine provides the gastronomic delights, while the eponymous aperitif spices up the Graz "day drinking". The selection by Alexander Knoll, which also includes grower Champagnes and European agave spirits, provides something unusual.

Schmiedgasse 12, 8010 Graz, Austria
Lounge Bar

On the edge of the university district, it stands out pleasantly from the classic student hotspots, because partying and lounging are not contradictions here. Both the rhythms and the menu are Caribbean-Cuban: a huge selection of rum, fine cocktails, plus tacos, quesadillas and more. 150 types of cigar are also on offer.

Leonhardstraße 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
American Bar

Homemade ginger beer represents the artisanal side of the bar, but Tom Legat and his "Chaos Crew" always have a bit of mischief in store too. This is demonstrated by the fragrant rum drink "The Holy Tiger" as well as other tiki mugs (including the "Hulk" fist or the unicorn mug for the "Rainbow Juice"). Good time in Graz!

Sparbersbachgasse 22, 8010 Graz, Austria
American Bar

At Mariahilferplatz, even the iced tea is tapped! 25 taps have been serving the clientele since Churchill mastermind Oltion Mehmetaj took over the former Baltimore. Cocktails "on tap" are produced daily - also with local distillates, a domain of "Olti". During café hours, there are also sweets from Dominik Fitz.

Mariahilferplatz 5, 8020 Graz, Austria
American Bar

The new themed menu changes every year and gives the Landhaus a new look. Currently, bar manager Ayham is the ringmaster between top hats and horses. He watches over the apricot-infused "Snake Charmer" or the "Knife Thrower" with Pinot Gris. Like all the other creations, they are opulently garnished. Flamboyant!

Schmiedgasse 9, 8010 Graz, Austria

Chris O'Shea knows a thing or two about whiskey (yes, the Irish one with an "e"!). The former manager of the Salzburg Whiskey Museum is now rocking Styria with his excellent selection. Of course, the pub also serves wraps, wings and burgers to get you ready for a "Shamrock Martini" or "Irish Mule".

Langgasse 9, 8700 Leoben, Austria
Hotel Bar

The bar has evolved from a disdainful hotel bar into a casual hipster meeting place, where DJs, live music and jam sessions regularly ensure a full house. Understandable: the best location on the edge of the laid-back Lend district, friendly service and cocktail classics from Daiquiris to Negronis all in fine style.

Mariahilfstraße 9, 8020 Graz, Austria
Lounge Bar

On the edge of the city park, it is not only the shady garden that attracts guests in summer, the chic interior also appeals to Graz regulars. They come in droves for breakfast, lunch and coffee, and in the evenings they meet up after-work for an impressive selection of gin and tonics, tangy signatures and cocktail evergreens.

Erzherzog-Johann-Allee 1, 8010 Graz, Austria
American Bar

The truly enormous selection of Amando Grullon's creations can make it difficult to decide - he is particularly good at rum, but he plays everything from classics to signatures. With rum and all kinds of fruit, the "Hurricane" sweeps through taste buds and brain convolutions.

Mariahilfer Straße 15, 8020 Graz, Austria
American Bar

The beautiful brick vaulted cellar under the town hall welcomes wine fans and spirits lovers alike with its special flair: 30 types of rum and 40 whiskys provide the smoky aromas, but there are also fine variations of gin, absinthe and other high-proof delicacies to choose from.

Hauptplatz 24, 8430 Leibnitz, Austria
Restaurant Bar

The party crowd regularly flocks to this modern café-bar, but even when the atmosphere is boisterous, there is no shortage of quality. The selection of spirits is large and varied, and mixology is not a foreign concept either, as the really good cocktail creations from classic to creative prove.

Radlpassstraße 21a, 8551 Wies, Austria
Restaurant Bar

A destination for Graz's steak lovers who meet here in the heart of the city centre. Many an evening has been unexpectedly long and liquid in the adjoining bar. Fine wines, exquisite spirits and well-mixed cocktails are good reasons for a visit even without dinner.

Landhausgasse 1, 8010 Graz, Austria
Lounge Bar

Good Italian cuisine is served on the outskirts of the city; the modern interior of the bar has been consistently attracting regulars for years. People meet up for classic cocktails and those with an Italian spin, from the "Caipifragola" to the Averna-infused "Mojito Sanbar".

St.-Peter-Hauptstraße 141, 8042 Graz, Austria
Restaurant Bar

Lendplatz, with its bustling market and many nice eateries, exudes a piazza feeling in itself, supported by the small Italian restaurant with a sidewalk bar right in the middle. Very good pizza and equally good antipasti. In the bar next door, you can sip a small selection of cocktails with your digestif.

Stockergasse 10, 8020 Graz, Austria
Lounge Bar

Small, stylish, cosy. This is Andreas Ruhs' extremely casual bar in the immediate vicinity of the old town, just on the hip side of the Mur. A small selection of classic cocktails, the obligatory gin and tonic - and every now and then the popular music bingo ensures a good atmosphere and a full house.

Lendkai 13, 8020 Graz, Austria

The atmosphere fluctuates between alpine hut and ski lodge, the Jägermeister party on Fridays is correspondingly wild, and the in-house eggnog also flows freely. In addition, everything revolves around whisk(e)y and rum: tastings and seminars impart the undeniable know-how to the guests in an enjoyable way.

Abraham-a-Santa-Clara-Gasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
American Bar

The alternative program to the dignified wine tour in southern Styria: in the extremely popular meeting place for young party people far away from the city, people meet on Mondays for a pop party, on weekends for a DJ set, it's always exuberant. Add to that the classic cocktails and shots - and the party night is complete.

Oberhaag 21, 8455 Oberhaag, Austria