The Best Restaurants in 10999 Berlin

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16 restaurants in 10999 Berlin ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in % ort%. All information including address and phone number.
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Contemporary Cuisine

Head chef Sebastian Frank primarily uses first-class vegetables for his experimental Austrian star cuisine. This results in unforgettable dishes such as "Celery, ripe and young".

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Contemporary Cuisine

The Orania is best known for its X-Berg duck, which can be enjoyed as part of a four-course menu. This classic dish is even available in a vegetarian version. Contemporary and delicious!

Oranienplatz 17, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Luxury / High End

Three menus are cooked in the copper and brick-dominated ambience of the former transformer station. After a decade as head chef, owner Matthias Gleiß is handing over the reins to his young team.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 21, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Contemporary Cuisine

Rather inconspicuous at first glance, the restaurant turns out to be a real fine dining gem. Lode van Zuylen and Stijn Remi conjure up a unique tasting menu from local ingredients.

Lausitzer Straße 25, 10999 Berlin, Germany

In 2015 Mani in Pasta opened a store in the gourmet oasis Markthalle Neun in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Angelo is the pasta master who brought the best Sicilian cuisine to Berlin. Now there is the restaurant to go with it in Kreuzberg, following the traditions of the best Italian cuisine.

Reichenberger Straße 125, 10999 Berlin, Germany

A seasonal menu and high-quality bar snacks from oysters to prosciutto are served in the former 19th century pharmacy. This is accompanied by exceptional wines or cocktails.

Oranienplatz 14, 10999 Berlin, Germany

The hippest pizza address in Berlin. Flour, yeast, water, a little salt - that's how the dough of the Neapolitan pizza is made. In addition, the finest ingredients from the Naples/Vesuvius region such as San Marzano tomatoes and Fior di Latte. Complemented with funky downbeat and electronic soul - That's Amore.

Spreewaldplatz 5, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Sometimes you have to wait a little before you can try the hippest Shanghai noodles in Berlin. Ash Lee prepares her own variations on traditional dishes, based on the spiced chili oil from her home city.

Reichenberger Straße 35, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Scottish checkered tablecloths, tall transom windows and old-fashioned display cases: The Henne is a long-established Berlin original and famous far beyond the borders of Friedrichshain for its crispy fried young broilers.

Leuschnerdamm 25, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Ethnic Cuisine

Dresdener Straße 120, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Ethnic Cuisine

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 43, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Ethnic Cuisine

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/41, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Paul-Lincke Ufer 45, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Reichenberger Straße 152, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Dresdener Straße 121, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Adalbertstraße 96, 10999 Berlin, Germany