The Best Restaurants with 1 Falstaff Fork(s) in Burgenland

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40 restaurants with 1 Falstaff fork(s) in Burgenland that are ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Burgenland, occasionally Hungarian - this is how the Luisser family describes their traditional cuisine in the Uhudler region. This means: strudel, lángos, cabbage soup and Somlauer dumplings to finish.

Hagensdorf 22, 7522 Hagensdorf, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

You don't have to be a pilgrim to the basilica, some also make a pilgrimage to Frauenkirchen for the Pannonian cuisine of the Hickel family. Hortobágy pancakes, cabbage strudel and paprika lekvár at their best!

Kirchenplatz 27, 7132 Frauenkirchen, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Beuschel and Blunzen (pre-order required) are just two of Thomas Fuchs' specialities. This rock of pub culture is entering its 61st year this year, and Degu menus are served three times a week.

Hauptstraße 33, 7331 Weppersdorf, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Chef and wine sommelier Toni Hiesinger knows exactly which wines go best with his dishes. His focus is on light cuisine, but the legendary Figl pancakes are a must.

Kirchengasse 1, 3451 Rust, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Michael Mooslechner's patisserie past is still alive in the Christmas bakery. Otherwise, you can enjoy real Viennese cuisine, from Beuscherl to Wiener Schnitzel, in the wonderful Rusterhof ambience.

Rathausplatz 18, 7071 Rust, Austria

Stefan Steinhöfer, familiar to foodies from Friedrichshof, has hit the historic cellar. Since then, home cooking has met haute cuisine: veal butter schnitzel or truffle tagliatelle?

Bergkeller 23, 7092 Winches on the lake, Austria

"Mulatság" is the motto at the Seehotel, where there is always something going on. Culinary delights range from burgers, ham dumplings and scampi to vegan lasagna. Particularly popular: Sunday brunch with a view of the lake.

Eisenstädter Straße 35, 2491 Neufeld an der Leitha, Austria

The open grill is the star of the brasserie. Dry-aged steaks and Duroc pork are prepared here. Regional ingredients and a focus on "greens" are also popular in the hotel.

Esterházyplatz 3, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria

Michael Graf is known from the Vila Vita, in his own robust restaurant he likes "anything but ordinary". He serves liver with bacon risotto, tender lamb with root jus and popular two-course menus.

Kirchengasse 2, 7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Where should you start with this wide selection in a chilled atmosphere? Organic sheep's cheese or a fillet steak? Would a summer burger be better by the lake or Tauber's house pizza?

Am Badesee, 7163 Andau, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Where the wines are sourced from our own vineyards, we also have a heart for local delicacies such as pike-perch terrine or risotto with Seewinkel asparagus. Also great at the family hotel: the opulent desserts.

Raiffeisenstraße 8, 7072 Mörbisch am See, Austria

The focus is on hearty fare accompanied by Blaufränkisch from the house vinotheque. With the cordon bleu alone, you have the choice between Erös Pista-Scharfer Fülle, the house version and the "Italian".

Rausnitzstraße 2–4, 7301 Deutschkreutz, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The menu in the baroque castle is quite extensive: from Mangalitza ham to Somlauer Nockerln, one of the house desserts. Always good when offered: Game specialties from the Kaiserberg forests.

Im Schloss, 7131 Halbturn, Austria
Ethnic Cuisine

Authentic for connoisseurs, casual for bowl lovers: this balancing act is mastered with flying colours in this small Asian outpost. The attention to detail and seasonal twists ensure a great time.

Sankt-Rochus-Straße 17, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria
Ethnic Cuisine

More than just pizza and pasta. That's why, in addition to the selection of antipasti, wonderful frutti di mare also come to Rudersdorf. Your Campania vacation is just one order away.

Hauptstraße 31, 7571 Rudersdorf, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Pannonian cuisine - from paprika fish soup to Somlauer dumplings - is served by the Haider family. The homemade wines enhance the enjoyment, especially in the idyllic courtyard garden.

Florianigasse 1, 7142 Illmitz, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A whole family as hosts. That's how it was at Gregorits, and that's how it still is. Strudel specialties and hearty dishes - some of them really from grandma's cookbook! - leave no one going home hungry.

Ödenburger Straße 8, 7013 Klingenbach, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The inner courtyards of the state capital have it all. You soon realise this when you take a seat here: a small lunch menu, many dishes prepared with fresh vegetables and served with "no-mainstream" wines.

Hauptstraße 30, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria
Contemporary Cuisine

Creating comfort with wood and bricks is one thing. But the Wlaschits family also turns the parlour into a gastronomic feel-good zone. Whether it's pizza, fish or moor ox: you don't just come here for wine!

Feldgasse 1, 7013 Klingenbach, Austria
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Parndorf's most rustic pub is not stingy with hearty delights. Pfandl liver is served alongside the knuckle of pork, which would probably be called a signature dish elsewhere. Somlauer Nockerln dumplings provide sweet local colour.

Neudorfer Straße 35, 7111 Parndorf, Austria