The Best Wine Bars in France

23 wine bars ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in France. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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On the upper floor of sommelier Vanessa Massé's starred Pure & V, you can drink the same brilliant natural wines as in the basement - without a large menu, but with eye-catching snacks from the pen of chef Pinja.

7 Rue du Lycée, 06000 Nizza, France

First address for excellent, sometimes rare natural wines, some of which have cult status. The tip "be sure to ask for advice" applies to beginners as well as advanced tasters. Cheese, charcuterie and ingredients for the lunch dishes (excellent!) come from the region.

17 Rue Gubernatis, 06000 Nizza, France

Small wine bar with signal red floor and lively flair. There is something for everyone here, from nature to less nature. The many small tapas are of excellent quality: pâté en croûte, beet carpaccio, scallops, mortadella, pastrami and, and, and.

1 Rue du Pontin, 06300 Nizza, France

Picture-book bar with a pleasant atmosphere, small snacks - anchovies, coppa, Gruyère, tartine - and a very curated selection of artisan, really good natural/low-intervention wines, which you can even drink standing up at peak times.

18 Rue Barillerie, 06300 Nizza, France

If you like bar seating, you will love this wine bar in the antique dealers' quarter, which is characterised by ceiling-high air-conditioned cabinets and excellent fresh cuisine. A young owner couple, who previously worked for bistronomy icon Camdeborde, have fulfilled a dream here.

2 Rue de Foresta, 06300 Nizza, France

Don't be fooled by the modest exterior of this (natural) wine bar: real truffle hunters are at work here. The selection of special bottles and wines by the glass is correspondingly select, as is the authentic market cuisine with top products.

13 Rue Cassini, 06300 Nizza, France

Behind the mustard yellow façade is a project with a very personal touch: (organic) wines from Provence meet freshly cooked dishes with a local twist, and in summer you can sit on the small street terrace.

2 Rue Sainte-Claire, 06300 Nizza, France

Since 1860, the historic wine store with its listed façade, tanned by wind, weather and time, has indulged in wine, both above and below ground in a rustic ambience. The service is somewhat erratic, the bottle selection conservative.

7 Rue Raoul Bosio, 06300 Nizza, France

This corner wine bar within walking distance of the Museum of Modern Art is just as suitable for a refreshment as it is for a long evening with good friends. The menu and wine list are rather classic: Oysters, snails, cheese, charcuterie.

16 Rue Gioffredo, 06000 Nizza, France

The wheel is not reinvented here, but for an uncomplicated evening with cheese and charcuterie as well as house and bottled wines at fair prices, this authentic piece of Nice with a largely local clientele is not the worst choice.

18BIS Rue Biscarra, 06000 Nizza, France

23 Place du Général de Gaulle, 37500 Chinon, France

42 Rue Saint-Lubin, 41000 Blois, France

15 rue Bottero, 06000 Nizza, France

32 Rue de France, 06000 Nizza, France
Classic Wine Bar

9 Rue Hannong, 67000 Straßburg, France
Wine Bistro

39 Rue des Frères, 67000 Straßburg, France

3 rue de Prague, 75012 Paris, France

10 Rue du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

34 Rue de Cîteaux, 75012 Paris, France

1 Rue Théophile Roussel, 75012 Paris, France