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"50 Top Pizza": The best pizza in Europe comes from Vienna this year

The best pizzerias on the continent were once again honored in Madrid. This year, Vienna was awarded the title of "Best Pizza".

The question of where to get the best pizza in Europe was recently answered as part of the "50 Top Pizza Europe 2024". The best pizzas on the continent were once again honored in Madrid, with Italy leading its own ranking. For the first time, Vienna has been awarded Europe's best pizza. Pizza chef Francesco Calò, owner of the "Via Toledo Enopizzeria" in Vienna, won the "Best Pizza" award with his special interpretation of marinara.

"Nero di Marinara" is Europe's pizza of the year

The native Apulian impressed with his "Nero di Marinara". As well-known and popular as marinara is, Francesco Calò's is obviously special: he only uses oregano from his local mountains, the best garlic from Voghiera and – and this is probably unique on a marinara – fillets of the Datterino tomato, which are fried in the pan before being added to the pizza. "This pizza is a kind of a mix of tradition and modernity. We've had it on our menu for six months – and it's been sensationally well received," said Francesco Calò, for whom the award is of "very, very high value."

For the 37-year-old southern Italian, this is the first time that one of his creative interpretations of Neapolitan pizza has been named best pizza in the "50 Top Pizza Europe". However, the pizza world champion and European runner-up has been in the top 6 since 2020, when he took second place with his pizzeria. This year, Calò is not only celebrating a huge success with its pizza, but also with the "Via Toledo": it was awarded the title of "Best Pizzeria in Austria". In this years overall ranking of the best pizzerias, it came third behind "Napoli on the Road" (London) and "Sartoria Panatieri" (Barcelona).

Pizzas from the world champion! Their secret is fluffy Neapolitan dough, original ingredients with designation of origin and perfect preparation. Italian wines, outdoor dining area. Pizza with Alba truffles.
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