Barrier-free – restaurants in Jesolo

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Contemporary Cuisine

An elegant and modern ambience awaits the guest. The kitchen offers a menu in which the fish plays the main role, although some meat dishes are also offered. Everything is prepared with care and skill. 180 wines in the wine cellar, not only from Italy.

Via Roma Sinistra 25, 30016 Jesolo, Italy

A fusion restaurant where Italian meets Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. The dishes are made with refined ingredients and invite sharing. The sea bass with lime prepared on the teppanyaki is recommended, as well as the well-composed cocktails. Also worth mentioning is the exquisite wine list.

Piazza Le Corbusier 6, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Simple, neat ambience with a beautiful terrace overlooking the river. The cuisine offered is based on experience and love for fish, the cooking follows a fine culinary tradition. Good wine list.

Via Massaua 33, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Pizza has always been served in this simple and unpretentious trattoria in a small village near Jesolo. Recently, however, the restaurant has specialized in fish, offering rich dishes made with fresh and sought-after ingredients. The risotto alla marinara is particularly recommended.

Via Amba Alagi 11, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A restaurant where the meat and the grill play the main role. Popular with locals and out-of-towners alike, this rustic and modestly designed eatery offers a simple but tasty menu. Very friendly service, an ideal place for families and groups.

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 17, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The dishes are a tribute to the territory between sea, mountains and lagoon. A menu that follows the traditions and is offered in a seasonal and contemporary form. The Normandy scallops, the asparagus tips and cream and the crispy bacon are recommended.

Via Bafile 568, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Tradition and creativity come together in this restaurant in Jesolo, which has kept its doors open since 1998. The cuisine focuses on fish and seafood, all seasonal and of the highest quality. The appetisers with homemade pasta are interesting and worth trying.

Via Silvio Trentin 80, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Fish dishes prepared authentically and simply, without being overly elaborate. You should definitely try the eel au gratin with herbs. The ambience is simple, the service friendly and experienced. Small wine list.

Via Dante Alighieri 21, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The typical Venetian appetizers cicchetti are developed into an individual dish in this restaurant in Jesolo. They offer dishes that follow the philosophy of ethical, healthy and creative cuisine. The drinks menu is well stocked with beer and wine.

Via Ugo Foscolo 61, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The cornerstones of this restaurant: pizza and traditional Venetian cuisine. Together they form a combination of flavours and quality ingredients. Meat and fish specialties, each according to the season, are the stars of the menu. Attentive service, typical retro ambience.

Via dei Mille 1, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

A centrally located rustic-maritime style restaurant that focuses mainly on fish dishes with traditional flavours - prepared with a modern touch and some innovations. There are also meat dishes and pizza. The bucintoro pan is recommended.

Via Silvio Trentin 91, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

The family-run restaurant is known not only for its anchors, steering wheels and sailing boats as decoration, but also for the terrace in the pedestrian zone. Here you can feast on pasta with zucchini, crab and cocktail tomatoes or with porcini mushrooms and shrimp.

Via Altinate 39, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

In this restaurant you can taste rich traditional Adriatic fish dishes directly on the sea of Jesolo. Simple but neat ambience and courteous service. The wine list is good.

Piazza del Granatiere 30, 30016 Jesolo, Italy
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

Via Bafile 462, 30016 Jesolo, Italy