2023 Steinhorn Gin

Steiner Bros.

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Tasting Notes

Tasting from 17.11.2023

Juniper, citrus and savoury aromas intertwine nicely on the nose. The finely drawn nuances continue unabated on the palate and culminate in a complex finish. Exciting down to the last detail.

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Distillery: Steiner Bros.
Category: Gin - London Dry Gin
Vintage: 2023
Alcohol Level: 44%
Stopper: Screwcap
Price: 20 - 50 €
Content: 0.5 litre
Lower Austria, Austria
Lower Austria is Austria's largest quality wine-growing region. It unites a rich potential of wine provenance and styles of domestic wine rarities, but also...
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Steiner Bros.

3701 Ruppersthal
+43 (676) 4639900
office@steiner.store www.steiner.store

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