Best Street Food Restaurants in Canton of Basel-Stadt

42 restaurants ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Canton of Basel-Stadt. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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Thai & Kebab

Thanks to the friendly service, the uncomplicated atmosphere and the authentic Thai food in large portions, you'll quickly feel like you're on vacation. As the name suggests, the focus is on (noodle) soups, but there are also stir-fries and starters.

Güterstrasse 170, 4053 Basel, Switzerland

The cozy atmosphere and the secluded terrace are one reason, the rich and freshly filled burgers, bagels and tartines are another reason why people love going to La Manufacture. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options, creative finger food and homemade desserts.

Hochstrasse 56, 4053 Basel, Switzerland
Tapas & Tacos

Authentic, colourful dishes from Mexican cuisine, including classics such as quesadillas, tacos and burritos. Rudolfo always combines street food from his homeland with the latest trends from around the world. The atmosphere is trendy and informal.

Henric-Petri Strasse 24, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Korean snack bar with take-away and delivery. With fresh and high-quality ingredients, Korean cuisine is celebrated here in an authentic way, from typical street food and kimchi to gimbap and bibimbap in various variations: with fish, meat and vegan.

Elsässerstrasse 126, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

At lunchtime, there is a Vietnamese buffet with changing dishes and a few dishes from the evening menu. In the evening, the restaurant offers à la carte and a cross-section of Vietnamese cuisine with delicious starters, soups and salads as well as rice and noodle dishes.

Schützenmattstrasse 1, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Japan & Sushi

A small, pretty gourmet paradise for discerning sushi fans, which can be ordered either by the piece or portion or integrated into a menu. Three hot dishes are available at lunchtime, one of which is vegetarian. Pre-ordering recommended!

Güterstrasse 138, 4053 Basel, Switzerland

The homemade chilli paste is worth discovering for guests with a taste for spiciness. In gastronomic terms, everything here revolves around home cooking and flavours from Cantonese cuisine, which the Chinese chef brings to foodies in her small restaurant with seating.

Sternengasse 19, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

At its Klara location, the Manufacture crew focuses on gourmet burgers, which are homemade from the bread to the sauce. There is also a range of sides such as fries, nuggets, salads and nachos. The desserts, including cheesecake and brownie, are also homemade!

Clarastrasse 13, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

Contemporary, seasonal and with ingredients from the region, the food on offer at Lora includes salads, Mediterranean starters and pizzas in all shapes and sizes. Gluten-free, lactose-free, from classic to special - and pizza à discrétion can also be ordered for groups of five or more.

Centralbahnstrasse 10, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

A gastronomic potpourri with over 30 gastronomic offerings covering flavours and cuisines from all over the world. Under the dome of the old market hall, food is seasoned, stewed, roasted, grilled, cooked and baked, of course in the local style.

Steinentorberg 20, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Feast with your feet in the sand. From Mediterranean delicacies such as scallops au gratin to vegetarian snacks, inventive burgers and platters to share, your taste buds will be stimulated here. Everything is also available to take away.

Westquaistrasse 75, 4057 Basel, Switzerland

A tapiocaria that offers other Brazilian specialties in addition to the well-known Brazilian street food tapioca. Tapiocas are crispy, juicy and naturally gluten-free crêpes that are available in different delicious varieties, always fresh and prepared with love.

Allschwilerstrasse 22, 4055 Basel, Switzerland

Za Zaa offers a varied selection of Lebanese mezze, many of which are vegetarian or vegan. They are served hot and cold, accompanied by warm pita bread. From oriental burgers to shakshuka and desserts, the gastronomic delights of the Orient are celebrated.

Petersgraben 15, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Home-style cooking

Marktplatz, 4001 Basel, Switzerland

Always fresh, hand-cut and double-fried - these are the Astro Fries, which can be pimped up with various extras and toppings, such as truffle, sausage, kimchi or fried onions. There are also tasty burgers and various salads as sides.

Feldbergstrasse 72, 4057 Basel, Switzerland

Bali Umami represents the diversity of the island nation of Indonesia. Here you can enjoy traditional rice dishes such as nasi goreng and nasi campur, fried noodles or the beef curry rendang. By the way: the tempeh used is made locally by hand from soybeans.

Hegenheimerstrasse 216, 4055 Basel, Switzerland
Turkish & Kebap

Butterfly is one of the top addresses for kebab fans: The restaurant in the Gundeli district is known for its generous portions and particularly savoury kebab meat. The Iskender Kebab is an insider tip: Kebab meat with tomato sauce, yogurt and brown butter.

Güterstrasse 170, 4053 Basel, Switzerland

Everything from the bread to the sauces on the Buddy burgers is homemade, but there are also crispy fried dishes such as chicken nuggets, onion rings or mac & cheese balls. The take-away with delivery has a small number of tables both inside and outside.

Binningerstrasse 15, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Bowls & Salads

L'Atelier has made a name for itself as a bar and eatery on the Basel scene. Here, guests can enjoy vivid design and modern art, while poké bowls are available to satisfy hunger pangs, which you are welcome to put together yourself. In the evening, the aperitif and cocktail culture is celebrated.

Elisabethenstrasse 15, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tapas & Tacos

You should leave room for dessert at Los Guapos, because the churros are an insider tip! Great selection of Mexican delicacies, all fresh and prepared with heart and soul. There are also tasty alternatives for vegetarians and vegans.

Clarastrasse 13, 4058 Basel, Switzerland