The Best Bars in Munich

152 bars ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Munich. All information including address and phone number.
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American Bar

Everything takes place at the nine-meter-long table, which is made from a single tree. On the second floor of Schumann's Bar is the hidden bar-within-a-bar. From here, you can watch the hustle and bustle on the lower floor through wooden slats and order top-class drinks from the bartender - what else?

Odeonsplatz 6-7, 80539 Munich, Germany
Restaurant Bar

Charles Schumann actually wanted to study politics and journalism, but today he knows that he "can only do gastronomy". Understatement is as much a part of Germany's most legendary bar operator as the white coats of the Schuhmann's team. You can only love this bar! And if you don't, then it's not the bar that's the problem, it's you.

Odeonsplatz 6–7, 80539 Munich, Germany
American Bar

The bar behind the Haus der Kunst is a safe bet and caters to all tastes. Magnificent murals on a golden background show maps that tell of the origins of the wines and spirits once served. Today, classics are served with a twist, such as the "Blood & Sand" with orange foam.

Prinzregentenstraße 1, 80538 Munich, Germany
Restaurant Bar

There's a lot you can do wrong. The choice of glasses, the level of friendliness, the decor. So it's all the more surprising when you pull up a chair at the Tantris bar, take a sip of the "Tantroni Americano" and admit to yourself that you're completely inspired: Everything really fits here.

Johann-Fichte-Straße 7, 80805 Munich, Germany
American Bar

Owner Stefan Gabányi was once a whisk(e)y expert and bartender at Schumann's. His bar has been welcoming hungry night owls who celebrate sophisticated drinking for over a decade. With a timeless ambience, flawless cocktails and unfussy bar food are served until late at night, such as the legendary goulash.

Beethovenplatz 2, 80336 Munich, Germany
Hotel Bar

A bar with a story – the barman should tell it. Here, we would like to point out what makes it future-proof: drinks that convince even professional naysayers. In addition, there is a really successful blend of historical charm and contemporary elements. That alone is worth a visit.

Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 Munich, Germany
Hotel Bar

The elegant bar has its own entrance in the Mandarin Oriental. The modern art deco-style bar forms the radiant centerpiece. Browsing through the menu is a real pleasure with its imaginative signature drinks such as "Last Samurai" - a combination of whiskey, yuzu, tonka bean and truffle honey.

Neuturmstraße 1, 80331 Munich, Germany
American Bar

You feel like you're in a dreamlike limbo. Exactly how you want to feel when the Glockenbachviertel proves once again that it can still do anything after all these years. That's because the barman winks at you while shaking and the "La Sombra" that lands in your glass.

Müllerstraße 41, 80469 Munich, Germany
American Bar

The atmosphere in Lukas Motejzik's "cocktail bar" is informal and rough. The freshest ingredients from the herb and savouriness garden at the bar end up in the unusual creations of barman Lukas Habel and his team. Highlight: the "High on Hope" gin cocktail, which is served in an Asia box with a fortune cookie.

Baaderstraße 68, 80469 Munich, Germany
Restaurant Bar

Good florists are those who don't confuse you with unnecessary details, but understand what the bouquet is supposed to be about. The boys and girls here do something similar: they skilfully compose wonderfully floral, fruity or tart works of art from fine spirits that are sure to impress.

Rosenheimer Straße 15, 81667 Munich, Germany
American Bar

In Emanuele Ingusci's Barroom, probably the smallest bar in the city, you embark on a journey into the world of rum - from the Caribbean and Latin America to India and Australia. Exciting South Sea cocktails are served in an intimate atmosphere, accompanied by jazz from the past and hundreds of bottles.

Milchstraße 17, 81667 Munich, Germany
American Bar

This place has been around since '74, when Bill Deck opened it, and it has lived up to its name ever since with a feel of international glamour. Everyone has had a drink here, at least everyone who's anyone, and that's kind of everyone in Munich. The piano is not just decoration; it's also beautiful to hear.

Falkenturmstraße 9, 80331 Munich, Germany
Lounge Bar

Munich's most interesting shop window in the city centre does not belong to a luxury boutique. The Tagesbar is an institution where there is always plenty to see. The discerning clientele order classic drinks and food without a lot of frills. A timeless meeting place for lovers of the essentials.

Maffeistraße 6, 80333 Munich, Germany
Hotel Bar

A life at the hotel bar. Is that melancholy, perhaps even lonely? Nope. It's turned up like fans in summer. And they have something else in common with the bar at the main station: although it's constantly rotating, everything is always cool. That's because of the newspapers in the bathroom, but even more so because of the drinks.

Bahnhofplatz 1, 80335 Munich, Germany
American Bar

Since 1998, Michele Fiordoliva has been paying homage to the deep red Negroni, the main player on the menu, in his American Bar, whether as a flawless classic or an exciting creation of his own. Also: hundreds of other drinks from sours to spritzes. Accompanied by Italian gastronomic delights such as antipasto misto or Negroni tiramisu.

Sedanstraße 9, 81667 Munich, Germany
Restaurant Bar

In Munich, you don't stumble into bars, you sail in. That suits a place where the wooden planks are planked and the drinks push every sailor out of their Timberlands - because they are so good, not because you're being sloppy. To avoid getting seasick, it is still advisable to keep a sense of proportion.

Baaderstraße 28, 80469 Munich, Germany
Hotel Bar

This place is almost a legend. A bar with flair, so too the guests, soaking up the pop culture as if through a straw. And that's the magic; the perfect hotel bar. A place where you first become a stranger to yourself and then get to know yourself anew. No other venue does this better.

Landsberger Straße 68, 80339 Munich, Germany
American Bar

Calling your bar Auroom and then decorating it in gold may not seem particularly creative, but what happens on the menu and in the glass is truly wonderful. Whether it's the "Crème brulée Martini" or the "Wasabi Lime Sour" - this is where good ideas meet solid craftsmanship.

Hans-Sachs-Straße 20, 80469 Munich, Germany
Restaurant Bar

Here, you don't just pour yourself a drink, you gurgle straight into your soul: drinks that are designed with such attention to detail that you might think you're in the laboratory of the eponymous TV series. But you are actually in Munich, the city of good humour, which is one attraction richer thanks to this bar.

Biedersteiner Straße 6, 80802 Munich, Germany
Hotel Bar

Eduard's Munich in the newly opened Breuninger department store heralds a touch of new bar culture in the city. For shopping breaks and after-work drinks, you can stop off here in a chic setting for creative cocktails with homemade ingredients, such as the "Willi Sour" with Eduard Breuninger Williams pear and pear puree.

Sendlinger Straße 3, 80331 Munich, Germany