Die goldene Bar

American Bar
Falstaff Online Deutschland 2023 - Café

The "Golden Bar" in the Haus der Kunst has a lot to offer: lunch, coffee and cake in the afternoon, world-famous cocktail bar and restaurant in the evening. And all of this in imposing rooms with historical mosaics on the wall.

37 /40 Coffee
24 /30 Food
19 /20 Style
9 /10 Service
Falstaff Barguide 2023 - Cocktailbars

It's obvious what Klaus Stephan Rainer had in mind when he abbreviated his second name to "St.": absolute perfection. Uniformed, always accurate, and working on the eternal transformation of primordial soup into "butterfly milk," sardines, and trout, he and his team come close to this goal.

49 /50 Drinks
19 /20 Style
19 /20 Service
9 /10 Range
Cold dishes
Warm Dishes
Outdoor Dining Area
Payment Conditions: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card
Sunday Opening