Thomas Wirz and Nathalie Vranken.

Thomas Wirz and Nathalie Vranken.
© Vranken-Pommery

»150 years of Brut Champagne«: Domaine Pommery has reason to celebrate

Madame Pommery's dry champagner has been sparkling in the glass since 1874. To mark the anniversary, two new cuvées were presented with the aim of bringing the tradition of the champagne house into the 21st century.

It took Madame Louise Pommery four years to bottle the first Brut Champagne. The sparkling wine pioneer experimented with different harvest times in the terroirs and presented the first dry-vinified champagne in 1974. To mark the anniversary, Vranken-Pommery Germany & Austria hosted a grand gala dinner in Berlin. Managing Director Thomas Wirz welcomed around 60 guests to the "Golvet" restaurant, including Nathalie Vranken, General Manager and co-owner of the hotel. Head chef Jonas Zörner and his team served the exclusive dinner party a menu that was coordinated with the various cuvées from the Reims Maison. The famous vintage champagne "Cuvée Louise" was also served.

Presentation of the "Apanage 1874 Brut"

The guests were presented with two new highlights from the Maison's cellars, which links the future of the champagne house with its roots: "In addition to the great history and the foundations laid by Madame Pommery in her day, we are still pursuing the philosophy of giving the Brut style an appearance befitting its status with appropriate qualities," said Thomas Wirz at the presentation. The focus was on the new "Apanage 1874 Brut", consisting of Reserve wines from the 2018, 2015 and 2012 vintages, which are primarily intended to shine in upscale gastronomy. The second premiere of the evening was the "Cuvée 150", for which cellar master Clément Pierlot was responsible with great sensitivity. The Blanc de Blancs Champagne is a tribute to the first Brut Champagne, as grapes from the ten villages of the four historic terroirs were also used for this. The "Cuvée 150" is limited to 10,000 bottles.

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