Monica Berg reveals her favourite secret spots in London.

Monica Berg reveals her favourite secret spots in London.
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London calling! Insider tips from bar icon Monica Berg

A spot in London not to be missed is the bar "Tayēr + Elementary". Owner and bar icon Monica Berg reveals in an exclusive conversation with Falstaff where else belongs on the London bucket list.

Insider tips from one of the best female bartenders in the whole world? Yes, please! Falstaff has met Monica Berg of the "Tayēr + Elementary" for an interview and elicited a few real insider tips for the British capital.


Falstaff: Where do you prefer to drink coffee in the morning?

Monica Berg: In my bed. No, kidding. The "Ozone" is a nice spot.

Where to go for a quick lunch break?

The "Koya" is very nice, a very famous and popular place in Soho. They serve udon and a play on traditional Japanese food. The "Rochelle Cantine" in Shoreditch is also very nice. It's a hidden old school gem in east London. They offer very contemporary, classic, modern British cuisine. I like "Lyles" too; also modern and British. Very nice.

And when you have a free night and it's time for dinner, what's your secret go-to restaurant in London?

Oh, no. When I say that, everyone goes! My favourite restaurant is called "Brawn" and is located in Bethnal Green. I would always go there. It has very simple cuisine, a great wine list and very casual service. And if you go there, you absolutely must order the Parmesan Fritters.

What bar do you go to if not your own?

Oh, I would never go to my own bar because it wouldn't be open. If I did, I'd go to Satan's Whiskers, which is my favourite bar in East London. They do the classics really well. I'd also go to Termini in Soho, or Connote if I felt like a hotel bar. Scarfes in Rosewood is also great, the space is really amazing.

When friends visit, where do you send them to sleep?

The Nomad in Covent Garden is really great. I've always loved the Nomad brand, even before they came to London. Otherwise, I would say that "Hoxton" hotels have great locations, because there is one in Shoreditch and one in Holborne. In London, it depends a lot on which area you choose - otherwise it will take you 2 hours to get from one side to the other.

Last but not least: What's your favourite place in the city?

If there was an ocean, it would probably be there. But I think home would probably be my answer. I don't spend a lot of time at home, but it's always really nice to just be able to switch off. Otherwise, I like to walk along the canals, which is my favourite. It doesn't give you the feeling of being in London, or in a big city for that matter.

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