Toblerone is moving to Slovenia.

Toblerone is moving to Slovenia.

Production switch forces iconic chocolate packaging to ditch mountain motif

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Toblerone must remove Matterhorn design to comply with strict rules on ‘Swissness’.

It is one of the world’s most iconic food designs, with its packaging as memorable as the product inside – the mountain-shaped Toblerone bar is known the world over.

But now the pyramid-shaped yellow (or black) cardboard pack with the red writing is about to change, with production of the chocolate bar moving from its native Switzerland to Slovenia.

The packaging contains a depiction of the Matterhorn which, while not Switzerland’s highest peak, is its most famous, with rules now in place regarding so-called ‘Swissness’: national symbols are not allowed to promote milk-based products that are not made exclusively in the country. US firm Mondelez, who now own the Toblerone brand, say the image will be replaced by a more generic summit.

The Toblerone bar even predates the Matterhorn design which was incorporated into the packaging in 1970, the chocolate treat infused with honey and almond nougat first going on sale in 1908 in Bern.

Recent controversy with Toblerone saw the design change to space out the distinctive triangular chunks more in 2016 in a bid to keep down costs, eventually reverting back to the previous shape two years later.

As part of the change Mondelez confirmed it would be altering the design to include a new Toblerone typeface and logo, also including the signature of the firm’s founder, Theodor Tobler.

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