Would you like your Bolognese with or without cartilage?

Would you like your Bolognese with or without cartilage?

Spanish influencer’s recipe for Bolog-knees gets followers in a flap

Paula Gonu ‘recycles’ cartilage into a home pasta sauce following knee operation.

While some of us like to be a bit creative in our cooking, for example, meat eaters swapping the lamb in a recipe for chicken if they’re avoiding red meat.

But for Spanish influencer Paula Gonu, an operation on her knee and an offer to ‘recycle’ the cartilage removed from her right leg appeared to get her culinary juices flowing, the 30-year-old already planning a dish that was sure to be memorable.

Returning to her Barcelona home to recover from the surgery, Paula used the cartilage in a pasta dish which she and her boyfriend ‘enjoyed’, as she explained to her 3.1million followers in her podcast.

“I told him [the surgeon] I wanted to eat it because it was part of me and I wanted to put it back in my body. Then I made a bolognese and put it in and we ate it,” she said.

Paula chose to have a local anaesthetic for the surgery so she could watch the operation, more than happy to share her experience with her multitude of followers. “He [surgeon] used a camera. He operated through two holes and it was all up on the screen.”

Those who heard the podcast, or watched it on YouTube, weren’t overly impressed with the bolog-knees recipe, the comments including:

“At what point did I decide that it was a good idea to watch this over dinner?” said one. Another weighed in with the old favourite: “Did they wash it down with a nice Chianti?”

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