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The taste of paradise: The best recipes with mango

It is the abundance of the tropics that has become fruit: the mango. It already tastes so delicious – but because we can't get enough of it, we conjure up delicacies from curry to cake. Falstaff presents seven recipes with mango.

Mango, the queen of tropical fruits: juicy, sweet and full of flavors that seduce the senses. Mangoes are not only popular worldwide because of their exotic taste, but also because of their versatility in the kitchen. From sweet mango desserts to savory dishes, this fruit can be used in a variety of recipes. Their natural sweetness harmonizes perfectly with hot spices and fresh herbs, making them a favourite in the world of creative cooking.

Mangoes not only offer a taste experience that can range from refreshingly sweet to pleasantly tart, but are also a source of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health. Their juicy flesh makes them the ideal star in smoothies and bowls and adds a tropical touch to any breakfast or snack. Whether as part of a spicy curry, as a refreshing side dish or as a sweet temptation – mangoes add a touch of the exotic to any meal.

7 recipes with mango:

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