Fillioux - Cognac Grande Champagne 1er Cru La Pouyade Reserve

Jean Fillioux

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Tasting Notes

Tasting from 02.11.2021: Benjamin Herzog, Erhard Ruthner, Roland Graf, Othmar Kiem, David Penker, Hermann Botolen, Daniel Ulicny, Heinz Karasek, Katharina Schwaller

Dark chocolate, marzipan and a touch of coconut water on the nose, pickled tangerines are in the background. Nice viscosity with texture of orange, the finish becomes spicy with freshly cracked pepper. A little brittle on the aftertaste.

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Distillery: Jean Fillioux
Category: Cognac
Expansion: 8 years wooden barrel
Alcohol Level: 42%
Price: 50 - 100 €
Content: 0.7 litre
Jean Fillioux

16130 Juillac-Le-Coq
+43 (545) 83 04 09

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