Falstaff Wine Guide Italy 2022/23

Falstaff Wine Guide Italy 2022/23

There is a place where beauty illuminates every detail.

There are bonds that allow us to grow as individuals.

Take a hold time, feel its essence.


We have created this world, and we call it Mura Mura.


Mura Mura means living calmly, wisely, taking care of what is valuable. We have followed our passion, curiosity and pursuit of perfection.


The place is a space where everything is possible, a land for sharing harmony and culture. Wine is the fruit of this ideal place. Our efforts are guided by utmost care for every single action. Attention to the landscape is conveyed by maintaining ditches clean and tying shoots using willows. We make wine by carefully observing grape maturation and respecting the development of nature. At Mura Mura, we revel in the little things together.


We grow here in Mura Mura. We open to people, experiences and possibilities. We learn from nature and by interacting with different cultures and individuals, always ready for new discoveries. Combining excellences is an opportunity to become better people.


We observed the wisdom of the vines and the trees. Time is something that can be grasped. You can immerse yourself in it, feel its essence, have a taste of it. This is what living Mura Mura means. It is moving within time, not running away from it. Redefining outlines. Reflecting, learning, smiling.


Time comes back. We are facing a challenge that is the same yet more refined and aware: to learn, approach one another, and open up to excellence.


As for wine we look for depth, precision, elegance and absence of defects.


  • Contact Person: Luca De Letteriis
  • Winemaker: Guido Martinetti, Gianpiero Gerbi
  • Accommodation
  • Tasting room
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 11
  • Production of Spirits


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