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From Vineyard to Masterpiece: The Artistic Evolution of Ornellaia's 2021 Vintage

Titled "La Generosità - Generosity," Ornellaia's 2021 vintage celebrates the dedication behind its top wine, transformed into art by Marinella Senatore. This collaboration has culminated in unique labels for special bottlings, now available in an exclusive online auction.

"I have observed Ornellaia over a long period of time. Natural elements such as the sea, wind and stars are combined here with the energy of the working people, creating completely new contexts." What artist Marinella Senatore describes here, she put on paper for the 16th edition of the Vendemmia d'Artista. She created unique collages, which adorn 100 double magnum bottles (3 liters) and 10 Imperials (6 liters) in the form of art prints. The generosity that characterizes the Ornellaia 2021 is reflected in the artistic depiction of the hands of the men and women who do their work every day in the name of excellence. Among other things, these are combined with the element of dance as a symbol of community and cohesion.

Lamberto Frescobaldi, President of Marchesi Frescobaldi and co-owner of Ornellaia, comments: "Our identity is based on place, on work and on being a team. The character of the 2021 was created thanks to the generosity of the terroir, but the artist's interpretation revealed another meaning: the generosity of the land creates an ecosystem, and we are all part of it."

The expressive highlight of the collaboration between Ornellaia and Marinella Senatore is the light sculpture that the artist created as a cover for the special bottling in the Salmanazar (9-liter bottle). Inspired by a baroque church rosette, the "Luminaria" was realized with an innovative cold neon light and without mercury. In the middle of the artwork, the words "I contain multitudes" are emblazoned in reference to the American poet Walt Whitman.

Some of the large-format bottles enhanced by Marinella Senatore's artwork will be auctioned by Sotheby's from May 22 to June 5 as part of an online auction. Once again, all proceeds will benefit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's Mind's Eye program, which gives blind and visually impaired people the opportunity to experience art through special tours. The original collages of the labels, on the other hand, will be included in the Ornellaia art gallery.


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Doris Ebner
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