Summertime is Heurigen time!

Summertime is Heurigen time!
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The best wine taverns and Buschenschanken 2024

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The best of the best: Falstaff brings together the 580 best wine taverns in Austria in the new guide.

Wine taverns and Buschenschanken are an integral part of local culture. Nowhere else can you enjoy a good glass of wine as relaxed as here – in the open air and often with a breathtaking view. The brand new Falstaff Heurigen & Buschenschank Guide tells you where to find the best establishments. At the first sign of good weather, people are drawn outside – and straight into the wine taverns. No wonder; is there anything more pleasurable than a glass of wine al fresco, especially with a view over the vineyards? As a guest, you can feel and taste how close you literally are to the producer of wine and the traditionally cold delicacies.

Here you are literally sitting at the manufacturer's kitchen table. The visit is uncomplicated and light-hearted, able to lift your spirits in an almost magical way. This year Falstaff has once again selected the best wine taverns in Austria.

Throughout the year, the Falstaff online community votes for the best wine taverns and Bueschenschanken in Austria. These guest ratings are used to compile a democratic overall rating for each establishment, which is published once a year in this guide.

Judging takes place in four individual categories:

  • Food (max. 40 points)
  • Wine (max. 30 points)
  • Ambience (max. 20 points)
  • Service (max. 10 points)

The highest possible total score is 100 points.

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Wieninger am Nussberg – on the edge of the big city, one of Vienna's best wine taverns plays all the tunes: Top wines, snacks made from the best ingredients and a fantastic view.
© Wien Tourismus/ Peter Rigaud
Wieninger am Nussberg – on the edge of the big city, one of Vienna's best wine taverns plays all the tunes: Top wines, snacks made from the best ingredients and a fantastic view.

Wieninger am Nussberg 97 Falstaff points

The house slogan, "Enjoy on the sea terrace above Vienna" is only confusing at first glance. Once you have found your way to Fritz Wieninger's Schank-Hütte on the Nussberg, you understand the double truth. Because the single-vineyard wines such as the Gemischter Satz Ried Ulm come from the fossilised limestone of the primeval ocean. And as if on a terrace, you can enjoy the view over the sea – of the waving vines and the houses in the capital.

The recent departure of Sigi Machatschek went smoothly. He had been there as Master of Ceremonies since 2014, when Wieninger acquired the winery from Stefan Hajszan and Heinz Neumann and took over the magic place. The generational change also speaks for the professional management of the Open-Air-Buschenschank. With the Charlotte and Hendrik team, however, the existing kitchen line will be continued; the best gourmet dishes from Viennese manufacturers such as Gissinger or Thum, Wachauer Laberl from Schmidl and Blunzn from Dormayer. Simply delicious!


When you take a seat amidst the vines and Vienna lies at your feet, you don't really need much more - except, of course, wines that range from easy-drinking and uncomplicated to complex and nuanced. And perhaps some fine delicacies from Thum, Dormayer and Co.
Eichelhofweg 125
1190 Vienna
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Lower Austria

The Kellerschlössel-Heuriger from Domäne Wachau is the winner in the Best Wine category.
© Domäne Wachau / Löff
The Kellerschlössel-Heuriger from Domäne Wachau is the winner in the Best Wine category.

Kellerschlössel-Heuriger – 98 Falstaff points

What started in spring 2019 with an initial trial balloon in front of the Kellerschlössel has developed brilliantly. They make themselves scarce, but there is never a day when the 180 or so seats are not stretched to the limit.

It was a conscious decision to choose the menu of a real wine tavern. A lot would have been possible in this location and with the cooperative's resources. But this is how the tavern culture and its cold delicacies were honoured. The wines are another asset alongside the baroque castle. Mature Veltliners and Rieslings can be enjoyed by the glass. Sometimes even bottles from the 1980s are on offer. And, of course, there is the extra map, backed by Roman Horvath, MW, and Heinz Frischengruber, two of Austria's most profound connoisseurs. You can talk shop about reductive expansion and petrol with relish. This is entirely in keeping with the genius loci.

After all, today's Heurigen location was commissioned by the Dürnstein provost to serve pure joie de vivre. And it does!

Take a seat in front of the beautiful pleasure palace in the vineyards, the delicacies are as numerous and varied as the wines: Federspiele and Smaragde wines plus international gems - curated by Roman Horvath, MW. No wonder tables are in high demand!
Dürnstein 107
3601 Dürnstein
Pulker's Heuriger in Rührsdorf.
Photo provided
Pulker's Heuriger in Rührsdorf.

Pulker's Heuriger98 Falstaff points, ex aequo

Establishing itself at the top of the wine tavern scene in the largest wine region in Austria is an achievement in itself. Especially as the Wachau's top wines are not necessarily the light stuff for the bar. Bernd Pulker therefore pursues a dual strategy, which has its counterpart in the building: just as the children can run around outside with a view of the Danube, there is the playful option of Pulker's house wine for the grown-ups. Those who take up the few seats directly in front of the house, on the other hand, have other bottles served – Smaragd can be, but does not have to be. Sometimes it becomes Latour rather than Loibenberg. However, the top heuriger is not aloof: those who want to enjoy their Blunzn bread under the vine arbor are just as welcome. After all, Rührsdorf's neighbors – by no means all of them winegrowers, but they too are fine – can be found at Pulker's, as can friends from far and wide who enjoy his legendary roast and rare wines. So there are a number of reasons that have once again brought this Heurigen to the top; and this results in a double victory in the Wachau – which will delight Heurigen nostalgics in the region!


Bernd Pulker is a wine freak of the radical kind and his Heuriger has long been a cult restaurant. On warm days, caravans of hungry day-trippers sit in the garden to enjoy the best roast pork between Vienna and Bregenz - and the rare wines.
Rührsdorfer Kellergasse
3602 Rührsdorf


Gut Oggau, the idyllic wine tavern run by Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe-Eselböck.
© Steve Haider
Gut Oggau, the idyllic wine tavern run by Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe-Eselböck.

Gut Drauf – Heuriger at Gut Oggau 97 Falstaff points

The large wine family that gathers around Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe-Eselböck already includes some edgy characters: Theodora, Joschuari, Emmeram, Winifred and Timotheus, to name but a few. In addition to these internationally award-winning wines with the portrait drawings on the label, this year's bar season at the Oggauer Hof has also seen the arrival of a new culinary relative: Lisa Machian and her husband Arnaud Champetier are cooking up Gut Oggau with the creations that have become famous at Café Caché in Vienna-Fünfhaus. The duo's fresh breeze added French-Levantine chords to the Pannonian bass of the relaxed natural wine Dorado. And that really rocks! For example, the Ricotta Maison, which tastes even fresher with peas and fennel. But the Sour chicken with cumin also knows how to please. Or the Zucchini Baba Ganoush, which stands alongside the Seewinkler bean hummus. Liptauer is everywhere anyway! Let's put it this way: the familiar étagères on the Heurigen tables are shining in new facets this summer.


Like the labels of the Tscheppe-Eselböck family's organic wines, the Heurige has also established an art form: Pannonian basics, such as Feuerflecken, are complemented with the gastronomic impressions of the well-traveled gastro connoisseurs. All this in a dream ambience with flair.
Hauptstraße 31
7063 Oggau on Lake Neusiedl


The Familienweingut Oberer Germuth lies like a ship's deck above the sea of vines in Glanz.
© Tom Lamm
The Familienweingut Oberer Germuth lies like a ship's deck above the sea of vines in Glanz.

Familienweingut Oberer Germuth 96 Falstaff points

"Oops! ... They did it again", you could congratulate Britney Spears. The US pop singer may not be so fond of the Heurigen, but the Germuths are all the more so. Which is why it was once again voted the best wine tavern in the country. As a well-rehearsed team, Heidi and Resi give free rein to their imagination and turn even a simple salad into a visual highlight. The creations from the kitchen are then brought to the table by the four men: tourism pioneer Herbert, Stefan, Markus and Matthias. The plates are based on local delicacies – sometimes raw ham, then venison, but also sheep's cheese and scarlet runner beans (we are in Styria after all!). As with the excellent implementation of down-to-earth delicacies, the mix at this Buschenschank is generally just right. The view over Leutschach from the panoramic terrace, the wines classified according to the Goldspeer, but above all the warmth and ease with which all this is presented to the guest, scored points once again. And maybe Britney will come by sometime...


Around 20 years ago, Herbert and Heidi Germuth built the Oberer Germuth winery and guest house on the steepest part of Glanzer Kellerstraße. Today they stand there full of pride and confidence, looking to the future. The winery comprises around six and a half hectares of vineyards in certified sustainable cultivation. This close-to-nature method for producing high-quality grapes is very important to both of them, as only a careful approach to nature and consciously restrained influence on the environment are essential for them and just as important as quality awareness in wine production. In the cellar, too, they consciously exercise restraint and intervene as little as possible in the character of the grapes. The necessary time in the cellar and fermentation with natural yeasts in the local and single-vineyard wine segment guarantee expressive wines.
Glanzer Kellerstraße 34
8463 Leutschach

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