The Best Restaurants in Poland

112 restaurants that are ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Poland. All information including address, phone number and opening hours.
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One of Poland's leading fine dining restaurants, and a place worth visiting for almost every new set. Chef Marcin Przybysz of Epoka finds inspiration in ancient Polish recipes and interprets them in a modern way. Everything is on the table: forgotten dishes from three centuries ago, ancient folios, and unexplored regional ingredients, resulting in interesting, educational, delicate, and incredibly beautiful dishes.

Ossolińskich 3, 00-072 Warschau, Poland

In Polish, this name means »Without Stars«, but the restaurant owners are definitely being a tease. Literally every detail here is designed with a clear focus on freshness, locality, and minimalism, with the influence of New Nordic Cuisine evident in the dishes and approach. The menu at Bez Gwiazdek changes monthly and suggests sets, with the main idea revolving not only around Polish cuisine but also representing a specific region.

Wiślana 8, 00 317 Warsaw, Poland

At Nuta, they manage to blend Polish and Italian cuisine, adding a touch of Asian influence and generously seasoning it with wonderfully crazy ideas from the chef Andrea Camastra. One of the definite must-visit restaurants in the Polish capital.

Plac Trzech Krzyży 10, 00-499 Warschau, Poland

Dyletanci boasts one of the largest wine lists in Poland, with over 1100 bottles, ranging from Italian or French classics to biodynamics, orange, natural wines, and local varieties. The main concept of the cuisine revolves around the ingredients themselves, with organic vegetables arriving at the restaurant directly from a private farm near Warsaw, and a substantial amount of ingredients being sourced from local suppliers.

Rozbrat 44a, 00-419 Warschau, Poland

An elegant high-society restaurant with a view of Piłsudski Square and an interior that blends modernity with a tribute to history. Geometric lamps, rounded vaulted arches, ample light, and creatively used color accents set the scene for all local dinners. The menu highlights dishes from the charcoal grill, offering a variety of options such as free-range Irish lamb and 30-day-aged fillet from New Zealand beef with smoked marrowbone.

Krakowskie Przedmieście 13, 00 071 Warsaw, Poland

This small, modern restaurant surprises in every possible way. Starting from the restrained yet very elegant interior, contrasting with the backstreets of Jagiellonska Street, and ending with the local gastronomy - witty, sophisticated, and brilliantly executed: every detail here is thought through to perfection. The menu is designed so that you can either order 4-5 small dishes a la carte or opt for a tasting menu with a very decent wine pairing.

Jagiellońska 22, 03-719 Warschau, Poland
Contemporary Cuisine

The local atmosphere can rival that of the nearby Grand Theatre and National Opera (Teatr Wielki). Elaborate rounded chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a series of halls spread across two floors complement the perfectly balanced and creative cuisine.

Foksal 17, 00-372 Warschau, Poland
Contemporary Cuisine

From the start the restaurant's motto »courage, madness, and unique taste« instantly lets you know that it will be intriguing. Shrimp bisque with rhubarb? No problem! Eel with black garlic and seaweed? Absolutely. Blood sausage with pineapple and chicken skin? Give us two. Chef Bartosz Szymczak consistently surprises the local audience with unusual ingredient combinations, calling it »Modern Polish Cooking«.

Rozbrat 20, 00-447 Warschau, Poland

Alewino is now not only a wine shop and bar, but also stands out for its sophisticated dishes: traditional Polish cuisine meets refined, meticulous preparation. A long starter menu invites you to order several plates at once, share and try your way through. Happiness shared is happiness doubled!

Mokotowska 48, 00-543 Warschau, Poland

It's hard to imagine a more suitable location for a Polish cuisine restaurant than the main park of Warsaw – Łazienki Królewskie (Royal Łazienki Park), At Belvedere, which is located in the historical building of the New Orangery, they serve elegant and aristocratic Polish dishes, the kind that would have easily graced the table of the Polish monarch several centuries ago.

Agrykola 1, 00-460 Warschau, Poland

This is an absolutely cult place. Within half an hour after opening, there are usually no free tables, and the queue at the entrance are enormous. The dishes here are vibrant, but familiar to everyone, and their execution is flawless. But the most important thing is that they are meant to be shared. Here, you should order a good portion of the menu, spread the plates across the table, try and discuss all of it under a glass of natural wine. And preferably, one should do it with a good company.

Nowogrodzka 10, 00-511 Warschau, Poland
Contemporary Cuisine

The main word to describe Kieliszki na Próżnej is balance. Balance between the contents of the plates and the glasses, as well as the prices for all of the above. And in this case, the balance comes close to perfection. The wines offered here are unique specimens from small and medium-sized wineries, and the gastronomic part always presents delightful surprises. The overall atmosphere and vibe prove that Kieliszki is suitable for almost any occasion - from a date to a business meeting.

Próżna 12, 00-107 Warschau, Poland
Luxury / High End

Another iconic spot in Warsaw and, at the same time, an eternal culinary city classic with over a decade of history. Nolita exudes true adulthood and self-assurance, evident in both: the restrained interior and the content of its dishes. Nolita serves perfect elegance on each plate, with a powerful, modern European base and delicate Asian touches.

ul. Wilcza 46, 00 679 Warschau, Poland

A concept almost entirely revolving around fish and seafood, of exceptional quality and superbly executed. Everything is utilized: unconventional parts of fish, insanely beautiful presentation, a conscious approach to fishing, and a nose-to-tail cooking format - it seems that there is simply no place in Warsaw where the creatures of seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers are prepared more interestingly than at Tuna.

Elektryczna 2, 00-346 Warschau, Poland
Classic & Traditional Cuisine

As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in the main staples: meat and wine, and there's no compromise here. Butchery & Wine offers cuts from the USA, Uruguay, Spain, and Japan (including the renowned A5 Wagyu), as well as Poland, with some steaks dry-aged from 28 to 90 days, all of them exemplary in quality. The wine selection is just as impressive, with a focus on classic red wines, available both by the glass and bottle.

Żurawia 22, 00-515 Warschau, Poland

A stylish meat restaurant located in a renovated former vodka factory, a grand and urban setting. The main focus of the menu, as the name suggests, is the grill – cooking on live fire using oak and alderwood, they prepare ribeyes, T-bones, sirloins, and New York strips, some of them aged with either dry or wet aging.

Ząbkowska 29, 03-736 Warsaw, Poland

One of the most fashionable and stylish places in Warsaw, with a huge terrace and a magnificent view of the city center. The interior cleverly combines strict geometric design with homages to 1960s New York and works by iconic Polish artists. The menu boasts an array of gastronomic starters, from the spuntini set to a flawlessly executed tuna tartare with artichokes and lemon aioli, all designed to pair perfectly with the local cocktails, which are perhaps the main pride of Loreta bar.

Widok 9, 00-023 Warschau, Poland
Contemporary Cuisine

Polish vodka and Polish cuisine complement each other perfectly – this has been proven over centuries. You can (and should) experience this for yourself at Elixir by Dom Wódki, a restaurant that focuses on food pairing. Here, you will find not only clever Polish recipes but also a vast selection of local distillates, liqueurs, and infusions that perfectly suited to the local dishes. Additionally, there's a whole museum of spirits with over 700 samples.

ul. Wierzbowa 9-11, 00 094 Warschau, Poland

Located on the sixth floor of the legendary Prudential skyscraper, which has survived since pre-war times, Szóstka offers excellent panoramic views from its terrace, that stretches the entire length of the building, and delicate cuisine by Dariusz Barański. The chef has included almost every possible type of vegetables in the menu, which serves as the foundation for many of his dishes.

Plac Powstańców Warszawy 9, 00-039 Warsaw, Poland

Modern Polish cuisine with all the conveniences. Inside, minimalism reigns – with a lot of white color, tons of round lampshades, marble tabletops, and precise geometry. In such settings, modern but intelligently crafted Polish cuisine looks particularly appealing. So much so that The Eatery is rightfully considered one of the main ambassadors of the new wave of Polish cuisine.

Koszykowa 49A, 00-659 Warschau, Poland