Scooters on Bali

Scooters on Bali

Bali tourists warned of upcoming ban on renting motorbikes

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Officials on the island take action after repeated incidents of visitors flouting traffic laws.

It may be one of the most popular forms of transport for holidaymakers on the Indonesian island of Bali, but tourists are now facing a complete ban on renting motorbikes after a number of high-profile incidents.

Officials have now had enough of visitors to the idyllic location flouting traffic laws, announcing plans to only allow people from overseas to drive cars rented from travel agents. Despite the financial boost to businesses renting out two-wheeled motor vehicles, Bali’s governor Wayan Koster says the move is aimed at tackling disorderliness on the island.

“As tourists, [you should] act as tourists, using the vehicles prepared by travel agents, instead of roaming around with motorbikes, without wearing T-shirts and clothes, with no helmets, violating [traffic rules], and even without a licence,” said Koster.

Along with a number of fatal accidents involving motorbikes, social media posts have highlighted the problems with their use: numerous incidents of people riding without suitable protection including a woman arguing with police officers after being stopped for not wearing a helmet, and one tourist launching a motorbike off a dock in an apparent stunt for his Instagram account.

However, some see the problems being more down to weak enforcement of current rules on motorbike use, and any ban sure to pile more pressure on the island’s congested roads and its underdeveloped public transport system.

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