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Big in Japan: Exciting recipe ideas beyond sushi & co.

Even apart from sushi and ramen, Japanese cuisine impresses with fresh, high-quality ingredients. What makes it special: Miso or soy sauce is used instead of classic spices. And aesthetics and precision are always at the forefront.

In the world of Japanese cuisine, there are culinary trends that come and go, but some dishes remain unchanged and are permanent fixtures on menus. Away from sushi and other well-known specialties, you will find traditional dishes that have a long history and tradition and whose recipes have survived for many generations.

The classics of Japanese restaurant cuisine are often robust, hearty and rustic in a certain way. However, the use of new ingredients and sophisticated preparation methods give these traditional dishes a modern twist that makes them appealing to today's palates.

These classic recipes from Japanese cuisine combine flavor and tradition:

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Isabella Huber
Photo Director
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