Hostess, art lover and knowledgeable connoisseur of beautiful things.

Hostess, art lover and knowledgeable connoisseur of beautiful things.
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"It has to come from the heart": How Helena Ramsbacher leads her four hotels

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The philosophy is as special as it is simple: to show appreciation for guests, employees and the finer things in life every day. To inspire enjoyment and to enjoy ourselves. There is no room for unfriendliness towards guests and staff.

When Helena Ramsbacher talks about her four hotels, you can feel the passion and great love in every word. She has turned four different hotels into extraordinary places where guests are not only served, but also pampered according to all the rules of the art. »It is a pleasure to welcome guests and offer them only the very best during their stay. We like to go that little bit further and want to make the guest‘s stay pleasant and easy. Our job is to look after them and anticipate their every wish,« she says.

The Carinthian-born hotelier has found her purpose in her role as a hotelier. She was born with a feel for the profession – her father was already a hotelier on the Katschberg. »I practically grew up in the restaurant, I was communicative and enjoyed designing things,« says Helena Ramsbacher, describing the birth of her career, which she has mastered over the years.

The hotelier runs four hotels: »Das Tyrol« on Vienna‘s Mariahilferstrasse, the »Knappenhof« near Reichenau an der Rax, »Schloss Seefels« on Lake Wörthersee and the »Hotel Lemongarden« on the Croatian island of Brač. Each hotel has its own character and personality, yet they unite to form a hotel family that is as colourful as it is noble. The houses have been furnished and decorated with a great understanding of art and a fine sense of design and style. This is also a passion of Helena Ramsbacher. She smiles when she says, »the hotels are as colourful as I am. I am also a colourful bird.« However, the result is by no means museums; the design and art are there as a matter of course. Guests simply feel at ease and immerse themselves in this world.

The hotels are family-run. You can sense something that you can‘t buy even with a lot of money – there is a warm welcome, a warmth and a feeling for beautiful things. »We are not a design hotel, we are a feel-good hotel at the highest level,« she emphasises. One of the main reasons for this is certainly the staff. Even the most beautiful design doesn‘t work if the guests don‘t feel the warmth and enthusiasm of the staff. It may look great, but it‘s worth nothing without people.

As a guest, you can sense that the employees feel at home. There is always a smile and a friendly face. It may almost seem as if the staff have telepathic powers, as every wish is fulfilled with pleasure − even the unspoken ones. »The staff are just as important to me as the guests,« says Ramsbacher. »Without a happy team that lives the atmosphere and can convey it authentically, the best hotel is just a beautiful but soulless shell.« That‘s why they rely on personalities who enjoy their job. It‘s about giving guests the feeling that they are the most important person and it’s not an act, everything has to come from the heart.

In return, Helena Ramsbacher is prepared to offer genuine partnership and friendship. In the four hotels, a lot is done to ensure employee satisfaction. It starts with the staff meals; fresh food is always cooked for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consideration is also given to the wishes of vegetarians or colleagues from different faiths. Beautiful employee apartments, flexible working time models and leisure opportunities are important to her as only those who are happy can do their job with pleasure.

The signs of the times

Naturally, guests‘ expectations change over the years. Regional, fresh ingredients for the dishes are a matter of course. After all, regionality is the focus of the chefs. The holistic concept of the hotels pampers both the body and the soul. Peace and contemplation are a luxury you will find here and you leave the hotel with a newfound zest for life.

The hotelier is particularly proud of having recently won the Croatian national award for the best hotel in the country. The hotel‘s overall concept won the award. The hotel works with many Croatian employees. There are seven wonderful staff houses available, which are as beautiful as the hotel itself. The olive groves with the stone house and the hotel‘s own olive oil and the idyllic pebble beach where barbecues are held create an overall package that impressed the jury.

What guests need

It‘s the little things that are important to guests. We know that here. It starts with the Dyson hairdryers and ends with a sufficient number of power sockets in the rooms. Bathrobes that fit, regardless of the guest‘s figure. Fresh flowers that enchant the entire hotel with their fragrance. Beautiful carpentry work by local craftsmen − who can also repair if something is damaged. »I make sure that everything in the houses is always immaculately maintained. If something is chipped, it is repaired immediately.« Some-times two sheets of wallpaper are re-pasted, or furniture is reupholstered.

Helena Ramsbacher likes to quote the German singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker: »Those who don‘t enjoy are inedible.« She wants her guests to feel the joy of life and enjoy the little things. Two ducks sitting on the grass in front of the hotel, a good dessert and a view of the beautiful natural surroundings. You have to give and take in life. If you give a lot, you get a lot in return. But the secret is that you have to like giving. Helena Ramsbacher gives with heart and soul.

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