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Five hotels with plant-based cuisine

These hotels are the perfect choice for travelers who are not only looking for an exclusive retreat, but also a vegan journey of discovery.

Sustainable and plant-based nutrition is becoming increasingly important and some hotels are setting new standards by offering their guests balanced cuisine. From culinary delights to environmentally friendly commitment, Falstaff presents these five hotels.

"Vegan Agrivilla i Pini", Tuscany

This unique hotel is not only a retreat for those seeking peace and quiet, but also an Eldorado for gourmets who want to experience the variety and finesse of plant-based cuisine. The hotel's own kitchen draws its ingredients from its own organic garden, which forms the heart of this sustainable oasis. And the seasonal focus reflects the connection with nature and the changing seasons. The rooms are comfortable and stylishly furnished.

"Mari Pop", Zillertal

The culinary approach of "Mari Pop" is based on the "Seed to Plate" principle, which creates a direct link between cultivation and plate. Fresh, local plants thrive in the hotel's own gardens, which are processed into vegan delicacies by the chefs. All the ingredients used come either from their own organic cultivation or from organic farmers in the region. With a great deal of commitment and passion, the owners have turned the former small accommodation into an innovative, art-loving, sustainable and family-friendly design hotel.

"Koukoumi Hotel", Mykonos

The "Koukoumi Hotel" celebrates the fascination of vegan cuisine at the highest level. From breakfast to dinner, guests are spoiled with innovative dishes that not only delight the palate but also follow ethical principles. The hotel manager and his team focus on fresh, local ingredients. Overlooking the Aegean Sea and surrounded by Mediterranean nature, the hotel offers a combination of luxury and sustainability.

"Saorsa 1875", Pitlochry

This unique hotel, which was once a church, has developed into a place where guests can not only experience history, but also enjoy plant-based cuisine. The "Saorsa 1875" is fully committed to a purely plant-based diet. The hotel's own restaurants use fresh, regional ingredients to conjure up a variety of dishes that are not only delicious, but also sustainable and ethically responsible. The rooms exude the charm of a bygone era while offering modern comfort.

"Lindley Lindenberg Hotel, Frankfurt

This modern hotel, which is characterised by its open atmosphere, focuses on a cuisine based exclusively on plants. With its contemporary architecture and colourful, design-loving rooms, the hotel is centrally located in Frankfurt's Ostend district. The rooftop bar and the hotel's own herb garden underline the commitment to a green lifestyle. The hotel's own vegan restaurant, "Leuchtendroter", is not only impressive for hotel guests, but also for external visitors.

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Kristina Mitrovic
Kristina Mitrovic
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