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Tips and tricks for Venice: good food in and around the lagoon city

Five restaurants apart from "Le Clementine" where you can dine excellently in and around Venice.

Trattoria Antiche Carampane

An honest, down-to-earth trattoria in the middle of Venice? Yes, they really do exist. Classic Venetian delicacies at very reasonable prices for the city.

Trattoria da Romano

A legendary restaurant on the small, colorful island of Burano in the Venice lagoon, famous above all for its risotto di gò made from a very ugly but all the more delicious lagoon fish. Similar name, but much more upscale ambience than the trattoria in Meolo.


A Michelin-starred restaurant run by the Alajmo family situated directly on Piazza San Marco in Venice. Dining in the city could hardly be more stylish.

Cantina do Mori

One of the oldest, most beautiful and quaint bacari in Venice, the city's old, classic wine bars. Huge selection of wines, delicious snacks. Attention: not an insider tip, not much space.

Trattoria Roma

A wonderful, quaint trattoria in Meolo, just a few minutes' drive from "Le Cementine", which is particularly famous for its delicious and affordable game dishes (and for its many Mussolini memorabilia, but that's another story). Don't miss: the braised teal from the lagoon and the pasta with hare ragout.

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