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The best sparkling wines in Italy: Franciacorta DOCG

One of Italy's most famous sparkling wine regions lies just outside Milan. Italy's answer to champagne also originates there.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir thrive on the mineral-rich soils of Lake Iseo. Since 1996, sparkling wine from the region has been known simply as Franciacorta, always produced using the classic bottle fermentation method. With Satén, Franciacorta has created its own category alongside Pas Dosé, Extra Brut, Brut and Demi Sec, in which the sparkling wines are somewhat creamier and softer than in the Brut version.

1st place

Cabochon Stellato Franciacorta DOCG 2012 Millesimato Brut – 97 Falstaff points
Monte Rossa, Cazzago San Martino, Lombardy

Intense straw yellow with persistent perlage. Very noble and expressive on the nose, oxidative style, candle wax, precious wood, cream, toast, cold smoke, candied citrus fruit and ripe quince, hazelnut and iodine on the finish, very complex. Very noble and complex on the palate, with excellently integrated perlage, compact, full of finesse, as if from a single block, very long-lasting, clean, already very accessible, great.


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2nd place

Franciacorta Riserva DOCG 2009 Pas Dosé – 96 Falstaff points
Mosnel, Passirano (BS), Lombardy

Brilliant, radiant, rich straw yellow. Delicately fragrant on the nose, cream, precious wood, almond flakes, yellow apple, cold smoke, citrus zest on the finish. Delicate perlage on the palate, creamy, spreads softly over the tongue, with a beautiful saltiness and a long finish.


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3rd place

Annamaria Clementi Franciacorta DOCG 2014 Dosage Zéro – 96 Falstaff points
Ca' del Bosco, Erbusco (BS), Lombardy

Bright straw yellow with light golden reflections and a fine, persistent perlage. On the nose, initially ham, cold smoke, then buttery cookies, fine wood and citrus fruits, with a fine milk chocolate finish. At first closed on the palate, shy, with a little more temperature compact in the fruit core, creamy in texture, powerful, shows present acidity, perky perlage, full-bodied, currently still very young, definitely enjoy from a large glass.


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Othmar Kiem
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