Box of Walkers Scottish pure butter shortbread

Box of Walkers Scottish pure butter shortbread

Walkers’ MD’s new goal is to create the perfect vegan shortbread

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World-famous Scottish biscuit firm aims to develop a plant-based product.

One of the UK’s most famous food brands is investigating the practicalities of creating a vegan version, the company wanting to have its product “enjoyed by as many different factions [sic] as possible”.

Walkers Shortbread of Scotland was founded in 1898, boasts its own Royal Warrant, and its tartan packaging is recognised in stores from Aberlour to Auckland.

Famous for their Pure Butter biscuits, or cookies if you prefer, the firm is looking at creating an animal-free product as it aims to “move with the times”.

“Vegan is very much something we’re looking at right now,” said managing director Nicky Walker, talking to the Daily Telegraph. “We like our product to be globally accepted, whether that mean kosher, organic, gluten-free… we want to have our product enjoyed by as many different factions as possible.”

The traditional shortbread is made with butter, the company actively looking into finding a suitable vegan alternative. Their world-famous biscuit was developed in the late 1800s by Joseph Walker, baked originally in the Moray village of Aberlour, located around 60 miles north west of Aberdeen.

The company remains based in the Speyside town with current MD Nicky Walker a direct descendant of the founder. Walker, 60, is also known throughout Scotland as a former goalkeeper who won two caps for the national side and played for, amongst other clubs, Rangers, Hearts and Aberdeen.

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