Butterbeer goes vegan

Butterbeer goes vegan

Butter Beer with a twist now available as Harry Potter goes vegan

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US theme parks now stocking plant-based version of butterscotch beverage.

As two of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, the Harry Potter attractions in both LA and Florida are keen to cater for all tastes in their food and drink offerings.

So, it seems sensible that all those wishing to partake in a liquid refreshment that is very much part and parcel of JK Rowling’s creation, are allowed to do so, no matter what their dietary preferences.

With that in mind, the decision to offer vegan butter beer on menus at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter appears a sensible one, with a plant-based version of the famous butterscotch brew now available following a campaign by the Protego Foundation.

While the more traditional offering using cow’s milk to make its whipped topping will continue to be served at all Harry Potter venues, the new vegan option is only available at two theme parks: Orlando and Los Angeles; the Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron restaurants at the Florida site, and the Hog’s Head pub and Three Broomsticks in LA, serving the animal-product free beverage.

Universal Orlando has been keen to expand its vegan offerings of late, with the park launching meat-free pepperoni as a pizza topping along with vegan pizza and vegan pizza fries.

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