Bodega Mustiguillo

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The Utiel Requena region in the hinterland of Valencia has not played a major role in the consciousness of discerning wine lovers and Spain fans until now. The wines were rather unknown and the grape variety, which accounts for a good 80% of the production here, does not have the best reputation. We are talking about the Bobal grape variety, which was often used in blends due to its dark colour and therefore has little chance of achieving higher status and greater recognition. However, if the vines are of the right age and handled correctly, it can produce great wines. Bodegas Mustiguillo is one of the wineries that has made this a reality. Utiel Requena is located around 50 to 70 kilometres west of Valencia in south-eastern Spain. Isolated from the Mediterranean by a mountain range, the climate here is rather harsh and hot, with almost no Mediterranean influences. This means that first-class wines here have to be literally wrested from the soil. But this is precisely what appealed to Antonio Sarrion, who studied business administration, when he changed careers and took on precisely these challenges. After retraining as an oenologist, he traveled the world with two leading winemakers and studied other wine-growing regions before embarking on the adventure of his own winery in 1999. The vineyards of the bodega are located at 800 meters above sea level, and it is precisely this difference in altitude that ensures sufficient coolness. The indigenous variety Bobal, Garnacha, which is widespread in Spain, and some Syrah are cultivated for the red wines. The white wines are made from the indigenous Merseguera, Malvasia and Viognier, and are cultivated according to certified organic rules. After a very gentle harvest in small crates, the grapes are subjected to another strict selection and then fermented with natural yeasts. The wine is then given plenty of time to be bottled at just the right time. The bodega's wines are attracting immense attention; those under the Finca Terrerazo label have even been awarded the rare quality classification "Vino de Pago", which is roughly equivalent to the "Grand Cru" classification.

Winemaker: Toni Sarrión
Tasting room
Production Style: Organic

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