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Ta' Betta

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Malta through a glass of fine wine

Ta’ Betta - a journey to make fine wines with personality, a quest to put Malta on the wine map.

The Maltese islands invite you to travel through time to experience a culture created in a melting pot of many others: from the Phoenicians up until Malta was passed on to the Knights of St. John in 1530. It is at this point that Malta experienced its renaissance: from a modest fiefdom off Sicily, the Knights transformed it into a fortified bastion of Christendom. The protagonists, a string of Grand Masters who gave Malta stature and personality.

Fast forward to two decades ago: Astrid and Juanito Camilleri welcomed Vincenzo Melia to assist in the creation of Ta’ Betta. Vincenzo was born in Alcamo to a family of vine growers in the heartland of Trapani, Sicily. In tandem with Bruno Pastana and Diego Planeta he was instrumental in the setting up of the Istituto Siciliano della Vite e del Vino and worked closely with Giacomo Tachis, today recognised as a foremost ‘grandmaster’ of winemaking. Tachis, Vincenzo’s mentor, masterminded the creation of wines like Tignanello and Solaia, as well as the veritable Sassicaia.

Through Vincenzo, Ta’ Betta is Malta’s tribute to the legacy and winemaking style of Giacomo Tachis.
Ta’ Betta produces circa 25,000 bottles per annum:

Philippe Villiers: a robust Syrah-Cabernet Franc blend inspired by Philippe Villiers de l’Isle Adam, the warrior Grandmaster who took over Malta in 1530.

Antonio Manoel: an opulent Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon blend inspired by Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, a benevolent and sophisticated Portuguese Grandmaster.

Jean Parisot: a tenacious oak-fermented Chardonnay inspired by Grandmaster Jean Parisot de Valette who defended Malta in the Great Siege of 1565.

Ta’ Betta Wine Estates is situated on 4-hectres of terraced land in Girgenti, Malta. It exports to Berlin, Zurich, and London.

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