Dry Extract Interview: Jessica Julmy, Château Galoupet, Provence, France

Jessica Julmy of Château Galoupet

Photo provided

Jessica Julmy of Château Galoupet

Jessica Julmy of Château Galoupet

Photo provided

Jessica Julmy is the managing director of Château du Galoupet in Provence. Julmy is tasked with overhauling vineyards and operations in this Côtes-de-Provence estate, acquired by LVMH in 2019, to produce compelling Rosé de Provence. She holds an MBA and has cut her teeth at Champagne Krug but in her heart of hearts she always wanted to be a farmer. Ecological transformation is her goal.

The best advice I ever got

“Always stick to your values,” that is what Maggie Henríquez at Krug said to me.

My life motto

Only ever do what you can look at yourself in the mirror for.

I am currently reading

Jamais seul: Ces microbes qui construisent les plantes, les animaux et les civilisations by Marc-André Selosse.

My most played music track

I am not good with music, I need quiet.

If I didn’t do my current job I would be

I’d love to be a vet but I cannot deal with pain in other beings – so I’d probably be an agriculturist.

Skill I don’t currently possess but would like to have 


My favourite kind of exercise

All of them: long-distance running, scuba-diving, skiing, team sports, I love the variety.

I relax while

During sports, cooking or drinking one of the treasures in my cellar.

I collect

Wine and watches.

My essential newspaper/magazine

I read very few newspapers but I find pleasure in various wine magazines.

My desert-island wine

10-year-old Krug Grande Cuvée in magnum.

I have learnt a lot from

My mum and Maggie Henriquez.

My last meal and sip will be

A deliciously crisp wood-oven pizza with a Montrachet from Lamy-Caillet.