How to savour World Paella Day on 20 Sept

World Paella Day is on 20 September.

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World Paella Day is on 20 September.

© Shutterstock How to savour World Paella Day on 20 Sept It's World Paella Day and what better way to mark this quintessentially Spanish dish than by cooking up a big pan for friends or family to share.

Valencia on Spain's eastern coast was the birthplace of this humble rice dish but with eight million searches on the Internet every year, it is now calculated to be the fourth most important dish on the planet, according to the World Paella Day website.

An authentic Paella Valenciana contains rabbit, chicken and flat green beans while Arroz a Banda is the seafood version made with fish stock.

World Paella Day is celebrated on September 20. If you fancy whipping up the dish at home, try this recipe from Lily Cook, a variation that uses English seafood. For a truly authentic experience, make sure you serve it in the pan, giving each person a flat spoon to help themselves. 

However, you'll probably struggle to beat the world record for the largest paella ever recorded, which weighed in at a whopping 27,215 kilogrammes! It was made in 1992 in Valencia from 5,000 kilos of rice and 1,000 litres of olive oil and eaten by 100,000 people.


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