‘Out of this world’ new vegan ice cream launched

Licence approval in Singapore for Solein, the new protein made in conjunction with European Space Agency.

Labelled as the world’s most sustainable ice-cream, a new vegan product has been launched in Singapore minus any dairy or ‘conventional’ plant-based alternatives to dairy.

The ice cream is made using a new product, Solein, a microbial protein created from air and water by Finnish firm Solar Foods, made in conjunction with scientists at the European Space Agency.

Bacteria is cultivated in a laboratory before the addition of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and nutrients which allow the proteins to be released. The released proteins are then captured and dehydrated to create a powder, scientists labelling the Solein produced as the world’s most sustainable protein.

“If you didn’t know, you could not guess this gelato includes an entirely new, unique, and nutritious ingredient just by tasting it,” said Solar Foods CCO, Shilei Zhang. “It looks, feels and tastes just like any other Italian gelato – and that is exactly the idea. Solein is the ‘Intel inside’ of the food industry.”

The protein’s sustainability comes from the fact that it doesn’t use animal products or photosynthetic plants in its production processes. The first country to grant approval for Solein is Singapore, with a chocolate ice cream now available at an Italian restaurant in the region; different foodstuffs are expected to follow using Solein, the protein

Falstaff Editorial Team
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