Ultimate Safaris opens two remarkable new safari camps in Namibia

Onduli Ridge has six luxury suites and is destined to become the flagship of Ultimate Safaris, a Namibian travel company.

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Ultimate Safaris new camps Namibia

Onduli Ridge has six luxury suites and is destined to become the flagship of Ultimate Safaris, a Namibian travel company.

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http://www.falstaff.com/en/nd/ultimate-safaris-opens-two-remarkable-new-safari-camps-in-namibia/ Ultimate Safaris opens two remarkable new safari camps in Namibia Camp Sossus in the Namibian desert and Onduli Ridge in central Damaraland offer the well-heeled traveller access to the unspoilt wilderness of this beautiful African country. http://www.falstaff.com/fileadmin/_processed_/9/f/csm_Aufmacherbild_Onduli_Room_photo_provided_0e622c6542.jpg

For many travellers, a safari fulfils their dreams of freedom. But because of Covid-19, many regions simply weren’t accessible. But now safari tourism is taking off again. Ultimate Safaris, a Namibian travel company, recently opened two new safari camps: Camp Sossus and Onduli Ridge might be different in style, but both offer the chance of staying in the midst of Namibia’s unrivalled natural landscapes.

Camp Sossus: cleverly designed desert hideaway

Camp Sossus lies in the heart of the Namibian desert.  It is set in a nature conservancy nestled between two mountain ranges and is a 30-minute drive from the gateway to Sossusvlei and the Great Namib Sand Sea World Heritage site. The camp offers six tented guest rooms and aims to provide an alternative to traditional lodges or camps in the Sossusvlei area. From here, guests are able to explore the Namib Desert, home to one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in the area: oryx, springbok, bat-eared foxes, zebra, hartebeest (an African antelope), giraffes, kudu, and predators such as cheetahs, leopards, and spotted hyenas. Outdoor adventures at this new camp include biking with a guide, nature drives to learn more about the ecosystem and a Sossusvlei excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage site at Deadvlei and the giant dunes of the Namib.

The guest tents all have a clever basic structure that ensures guests remain comfortable in the desert conditions - for example windows and doors that allow natural cooling by the prevailing afternoon winds. Guests also enjoy their own semi-open-air bathrooms with flush toilets and hot bucket showers, and an all-important shaded patio and day bed.

Onduli Ridge: luxury property in the wilderness

Ultimate Safaris’ other new camp is destined to become their flagship: Onduli Ridge in central Damaraland has just six luxury suites and lies at the base of two granite outcrops connected by a bridge.  This unforgettable location allows for views of Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg, to the south and the fragmented, cathedral-like granite landscape to the north.  And the camp is named after the resident giraffe in the area.

All power is produced by solar energy, negating the need for any fossil fuels. Because of its desert environment, water is in short supply.  All wastewater is therefore channelled through a sophisticated reclamation plant and then used to feed wildlife watering holes. Other waste is sorted on-site and driven out to recycling plants in Windhoek.

Hidden among the granite boulders, the suites are naturally ventilated with bathrooms partially open to the air and open communal areas. Desks, beds, and even toilets offer great spots from which to observe the natural surroundings. A king-size bed cooled by its own “climate conditioner” (aka the evening breeze) is also the perfect place for afternoon siestas.  If guests want to sleep under the stars, the bed can be rolled out onto the private deck for the night too. For those who can’t tear themselves away from technology, WiFi is available in all rooms. The camp even has its own airstrip. The activities at this new camp include nature drives or walks, elephant tracking, black rhino and giraffe activities, E biking, and exploring the local rock art.

Availability and Covid-19 rules

Self-drivers can reach both camps. Falstaff spoke to Ultimate Safaris about bookings for December and Covid-19 rules: both camps still have availability. Fully vaccinated passengers arriving in Namibia do not require a negative PCR test (as of mid-August 22) but must present a valid vaccination certificate on arrival. Children under 12 years do not need to present a valid vaccination certificate nor a negative PCR test when they arrive. All unvaccinated passengers (including children 12 years and older) will need to present a negative PCR test, with a result not older than 72 hours from the date of the sample taken, on arrival in Namibia. These test certificates need to be uploaded to the African Union Trusted Travel System.

Ultimate Safaris Namibia new camps

Camp Sossus offers six tented guest rooms.

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Ultimate Safaris Camps Namibia

The new Onduli Ridge in central Damaraland, Namibia, offers nature drives, walks and elephant tracking.

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