Fireworks in Hong Kong.

Fireworks in Hong Kong.
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A shower of stars at the turn of the year: Here are the most beautiful New Year's Eve fireworks displays in the world

While only a few rockets and fireworks are set off here in Germany, impressive pyro shows take place elsewhere. Falstaff presents the most spectacular ones worldwide.

At the turn of the year, millions of people gather around the globe to greet the start of a new year with brilliant colours and fascinating explosions. From the twinkling lights of iconic cities to tropical corners of the globe, a spectacular show unfolds as the sky becomes a canvas for the most beautiful fireworks displays.

New York City, USA: Ball drop and spectacular light fountains over the Manhattan skyline

Let's start with what is probably the most famous show in the western world: the ball drop in New York's Times Square. Sixty seconds before the clock rings in the New Year, the five-ton crystal ball begins to glide down a 43 metre- long pole, serving as a countdown to the fireworks display. Then the time has come and the clock strikes midnight. Tons of confetti are shot into the air and a spectacular fireworks display takes place on the Square and in New York Harbour. Within 10-20 minutes, several thousand rockets and light fountains are set off over the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

Louisville, USA: Thunder over Louisville Festival

Let's stay in the USA, because Louisville also hosts the annual "Thunder over Louisville" pyro festival on the banks of the Ohio River. The mega-event presents an aviation show lasting several hours with civilian and military aircraft performing impressive maneuvers over the crowd. Later in the evening 60 tons of fireworks ring in the New Year over the night sky. Fire pots, cylinder bombs and waterfalls are set off from the surrounding bridges. The pyro show is accompanied by colourful effects and background music.

London, England: Spectacular fireworks in the English metropolis

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather along the Thames and the surrounding bridges to watch the spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks display in England's capital. It is one of the most spectacular record-breaking firework displays in which the London Eye and Big Ben opposite are staged. Alongside pontoons floating on the Thames, they serve as launching pads for thousands of fireworks, which are fired in an elaborate choreography and provide an impressive pyrotechnical show. The ten-minute spectacle is accompanied by appropriate music.

Sydney, Australia: Fascinating moments at the turn of the year

Every year at the turn of the year, a spectacular pyro show takes place in the city's harbour on the iconic Harbour Bridge around the Opera House. Early in the evening, countless illuminated ships sail along the harbour and a family fireworks display kicks off the show. When the hands point to twelve, the spectacular midnight fireworks display begins.

Within 15 minutes, ten tons of fireworks and hundreds of thousands of individual pyrotechnic effects create fascinating moments. The show is accompanied by music and can be admired from certain vantage points. However, if the ticket prices are too high for you, you can also watch the spectacle live on TV.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Midnight fireworks on Copacabana beach

Every year, around two million people gather on the four-kilometre-long beach promenade to marvel at the legendary midnight fireworks display on Copacabana beach. The pyro show starts punctually at midnight. Then all the lights of the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro go out and rafts float away from the many Atlantic bays, from which several tons of rockets and light fountains rise into the night sky. The spectacle lasts twenty minutes and creates a unique atmosphere.

Hong Kong, China: pyrotechnics show planned months in advance

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world gather in front of Hong Kong's spectacular skyline to marvel at the gigantic pyrotechnics show. The grandiose New Year's Eve fireworks display takes place from countless boats and pontoons as well as from the city's skyscrapers. Thousands of fireworks are set off within ten minutes. The show is planned months in advance by professional pyrotechnicians; from the choreography to the background music for the spectacle.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: the largest fireworks chain reaction

It is no longer a surprise that everything is bigger and more spectacular in this city. Dubai also made it into the Guinness Book of Records for fireworks in 2014, when the city set off over 500,000 fireworks in six minutes, making history as the world's largest firework chain reaction. The Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world, is always at the centre of the action.

During the New Year's Eve celebrations, spectacular effects are projected onto the skyscraper and fireworks are set off from the roof. More than 100,000 individual firecrackers are scattered throughout the city, inviting visitors to enjoy a spectacular experience for 20 minutes.

Cannes, France: the only pyrotechnics competition

Pyro show competitions are held every year along the famous Croisette. Every year since 1967, visitors have been coming to the "Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique " to enjoy spectacular firework displays. Pyrotechnic teams from different countries compete against each other and are judged by a jury on music, stage design, synchronization, rhythm and colour. The overall winner is chosen at the end.

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